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Awesome, thanks!

Weekend Shopping Alert: 10 Furniture Finds at 50% off or More
7/18/14 01:05 PM

I might need that rug. Any idea where it's from?

Weekend Shopping Alert: 10 Furniture Finds at 50% off or More
7/18/14 12:37 PM

My husband and I just bought an old house, and while we're having the wood floors professionally refinished, to save money we're doing all of the prep ourselves (ripping up the old carpets, removing staples and baseboards, etc). We both work 40 hours a week, and like everyone above has been saying, there is no magic solution. Our apartment is a mess. I haven't vacuumed in way too long. The cats barely recognize us. We haven't eaten something that wasn't takeout in about three weeks.

BUT when it's done, our new home will be gorgeous and MUCH more functional, and despite the inconvenience of bopping back and forth between two places, it's SO MUCH EASIER to redo some big things before we move in and get settled. In our real estate market, we just couldn't afford to buy a move-in ready place and still stay within the city limits, but our sweat equity will pay off in BIG dividends whenever we decide to sell.

How Do You Fit Renovation Into Your Regular Schedule?
6/6/14 01:54 PM

I bought one of these earlier this year from a local shop, and it's the BEST. I have two long-hair cats, so everything on the floors takes a beating, but so far, so good. I can throw it in a cold cycle washing machine when it gets gross, and the color hasn't faded and none of the threads have come loose.

Dash & Albert Rug Company by Annie SelkeStore Profile
8/1/13 11:41 AM

You could still put the TV above the fireplace, but cover it when not in use with an art canvas or some decorative shutters. That way, the couch wouldn't need to be angled to the bookcase.

How To Arrange Living Room with Lots of Windows?
Good Questions

12/15/11 02:49 PM

And I messed up the html. It's supposed to go to http://www.amazon.com/ADD-Friendly-Ways-Organize-Your-Life/dp/1583913580/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1318359427&sr=8-2. Sorry!

7 Tips for Staying Truly Organized
10/11/11 03:03 PM

All of this is exactly in line with what I'm trying to do right now. As an adult with newly-diagnosed ADD, it's been a struggle to change my thinking from "I'm just not trying; I'll do better next time" to "let's figure out a way to work WITH my brain, not against it." My doctor recommending ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life and it completely changed my outlook. For those of us who have always struggled with being organized despite our best efforts, the advice to watch ourselves and develop organizing strategies that work WITH our habits is essential. Just because your mother did it one way doesn't mean you'll be successful with the same method. There is no "right" way to be organized - it's whatever works best with your life and your processing style.

7 Tips for Staying Truly Organized
10/11/11 03:02 PM