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I have seen it at cost plus world market

Revenge of the '70s Bath Stickers - How To Remove Them? Good Questions
7/5/13 10:45 AM


I always cringe when I see sleep training posts or hear people planning on doing it. Definitely cruel and unnecessary...

How to be a Great Neighbor to the Mom Next Door
6/3/13 04:25 PM

I love that set up, the trucker hats on the other hand...

Organization Inspiration: Pretty Knobs for Displaying Jewelry Kara Paslay Designs
5/16/13 12:04 PM

Ron Weasley ::swoon::

Beyond the Summer Blockbusters: Indies to Enjoy at Home
5/1/13 05:41 PM

"Don't make people fill out a stupid form and waste everyone's time just so they can figure out if your pricing is even in their ballpark."


Zachary A's Light as Air Outdoor Furniture Architectural Digest Home Show 2013
4/18/13 05:08 PM

I have the bungee chair from the container store at home (in green) I love it. My husband thought it would be a waste of money because he didn't see how it would last, or be at all comfortable but he actually really liked it after using it. Its been over a year and the chair is still as comfortable as the day we bought it

10 Best Budget Task Chairs
4/18/13 11:42 AM

that first picture ::LOVE::
I want it

LoafStore Profile
4/17/13 11:13 AM

the husky in the wine barrel! **love**

Five Inviting DIY Doghouses
3/28/13 12:39 PM

My husbands best friend works at a major grocery store chain and they take license plate #s off of security video footage of anyone who steals those pallets and report them to the police. Just putting that out there so that you make sure to check with them before you take them. Some places will not give them away and are none too happy with people who just take them.
I have no idea if this has anything to do with the chemicals that are sprayed on them and they don't want to be held libel or the fact that they pay a deposit on those pallets and would like to get their money back.

5 Easy Garden DIYs with Pallets
3/25/13 04:34 PM

Living in an earthquake prone area that was my first thought too. If there were ever an earthquake those things would come tumbling down right on top of me. ouch!

Kellie's Place for Everything Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/21/13 11:58 AM

My mom and my grandma both own bedspreads similar to yours, and in different colors. I have been thinking about asking my mom if I can have one. It brings back happy memories :)

Carly's Cozy & Functional Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/15/13 06:20 PM

the sofa in pic 8 ::swoon::

The Sinfully Decorated Bedrooms of the Vice Versa Hotel Paris
3/8/13 10:40 AM

I think they look awesome! I really do, but I can already see my three year old flying off of them...
no thank you

10 Stylish (& Slightly Scary) Floating Staircases
3/1/13 01:28 PM

And the winner for least helpful comment goes to Ms.Pea...

Seriously, put down the hater-aid. There is more to a house than just the kitchen. Nothing was ever said about not liking the house. Whats wrong with people wanting to make something their own? And renting a house, at least in my experience is a lot more difficult than apartments

Ways To Update Original '50s Kitchen in Rental (on My Dime)? Good Questions
2/27/13 05:52 PM

I am in love with that first image! WOW that is beautiful

Inspiration Gallery: Beautifully Tiled Spaces
2/25/13 04:42 PM

i love it!

Before & After: Maria's Craigslist
Cane Chair Makeover

2/22/13 11:32 AM

the egg chair and canopy thing is from IKEA. last time I saw one in the store it was about 87 bucks? Look in the kids dept. for it

Before & After: Child's Room Goes from Saturated to Subtle Fargebarn
2/21/13 05:36 PM

I just love the fact that you put Hooker and Romantic in the same post

If You Believe Home Should be the Most Romantic Place On Earth … Rhapsody Collection Giveaway
2/19/13 11:18 AM

I like it but it seems too dark

Before & After:
A Brooklyn Kitchen Opens Up The Sweeten

2/15/13 11:05 AM

that lampshade is really pretty. I could live with that

Adding a Dash of the Nursery!
2/6/13 06:42 PM