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Hi Lisa

I'd actually suggest that you go with a light aqua tone and chose an accent wall, rather than painting the whole room. Looking at your photos, I'd probably go with the wall right behind your couch. Don't go beyond the corners so it creates almost a little niche for your couch. Then, after painting, hang some pop color art. You can either go with colorful art in plain frames (black, white) or you chose less colorful art but use bright and bold and colorful frames.

If you still feel up for doing some more decoration, maybe you want to consider painting your little side table either in yellow or coral, two colors that work very well with aqua.

Another tip: center your rug rather than having it underneath the couch - this way it pulls tv and couch better together.

If you like the aqua accent wall, chose more accessories in the same color pallet of aqua, yellow and coral for the rest of the apartment to spread the fresh feel. Examples for this could be: The planter pot (easy spray paint project) the chairs around the table, kitchen towels, curtains, and a colorful tray on your coffee table would probably already do the trick.

For some aqua walls check out this post here which gives you an idea of the freshness and feel: http://breadboxme.blogspot.com/2012/05/aqua-walls.html

happy painting & styling!

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5/10/12 05:58 PM

Hello Andrea,

I'd probably explore the possibility of a sofa bed. A loft bed is a great idea, yet in a small place it can take a lot of light away and give a crowded feeling to room. Also the ceiling height should be more than 9 feet in order to feel comfortable up there.

I'd recommend a sofa bed as this here http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S59874504/ from IKEA. It's great for sitting and sleeping, it's easy to change from a bed to a sofa, it's design is airy so it won't look overwhelming in your new place and you can add a little "lack" which serves as a couch table during the day and a bed side table during the night.

Good luck to you and congratulations to your new place! I'd love to see some before and after pics!

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10/11/11 08:34 AM