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First Congrats!! how do you plan to use the cabinets? I say you place your bed against that wall next to them so that your feet will be toward the bathroombut give yourself enough room to walk or open the cabinet doors or remove the doors all together, same for the closet. Then use something to seperate the space from bedroom and living. and put the tv along that wall. So that you can put a small love seat or something along the side the kitchen is on, facing the wall your bed and tv will be on. Then find a table that can double as your desk and dining table and place it in front of your window.
But I guess everything depends on the size bed you get. I say you go and measure the bed you want and then tape of that area in your apartment, giving yourself room to walk around it and open what you need and work from there. Just remember what ever you buy it always has more then one purpose.

Where To Put Bed in Studio Apartment?
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10/11/11 08:42 AM