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You've won in my opinion. Mirrors are perfectly placed, and just like you said, they can be mistaken for a window. I'm an avid fan of maximalism and everything in your home just seems so personalised. What really won me over was that bookshelf though. at only 440 square feet, you've managed to pack a lot of furniture. Yet it is so spacious!

Louisa's Little Bit Quirky Small Cool Contest
6/1/14 06:09 AM

I really love what you've done with the Ikea shelves and those windows are amazing. Your apartment is full of light and space yet cosy, a perfect balance.

Shelley's San Diego Sunsets Small Cool Contest
6/1/14 06:02 AM

Hopefully the designers thought about the whole hygiene thing and the covers are removable & washable. I would so buy this!

My Neighbor Totoro Cushion Bed
11/7/12 08:48 AM

Full house tour!

Erin & Rob's Lots of Books in One Very Long Room House Call
5/30/12 12:09 AM

Finally! An office without a damn Apple product! Now this is what I'm looking for. While Apple products have look considerably more appealing, I think we've had enough tips on how to make your home office work with Macs. THIS post is actually quite useful to me because I don't use Apple and there is seriously an over-representation of Macs here at AT.

Youre average PC is a bit harder to deal with because it's not all about design. This little room shows how you can do it with a real PC =P

Haku's Triple Threat Compact Home Office DeskTops - The Best of Readers' Desks
5/21/12 02:20 AM

@ Rucy

So true! I used to listen to the Coldplay albums in the car with my sister and mother... without a doubt we'd argue every single time. So much for relaxation.

Study Determines This Is the Most Relaxing Song Ever
4/29/12 01:44 AM

Love your lifestyle choice! And the teeny-tiny place is too cute! I do think there is a lot of clutter, but who cares? Whatever floats your boat.

Cory's Key West Cottage Small Cool Contest
4/28/12 07:44 AM

Maximilism for the win!

Lysee's True Reflection Small Cool Contest
4/28/12 04:41 AM

My favourite Small entry so far. Gorgeous house!

Emily's Underdog Story Small Cool Contest
4/16/12 09:31 PM

Obviously, the rule works :)

Lauren's Only Rule Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 09:08 PM

I could laze about in this little unit all day.

Veronica's Seasonal Adaptations Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 09:01 PM

This is my favourite small entry by far. The little door in the bedroom is so cute! What is that?

The place is HUGE for just a one-bedder too.

Claire's Unique Space Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 08:29 PM

I love me a cute Tumbleweed house!

Malissa's Perfect Retreat Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 08:22 PM

My favourite "little" entry so far. Very well laid out, lovely decor!

Kim & Scott's Small Footprint Small Cool Contest
4/11/12 09:56 PM

Cute & cosy like a little cottage. You could write a novel in this den.

Charlotte's Decorative Arrangement Small Cool Contest
4/11/12 09:50 PM

No doubt one of the best bachelor pads I've ever seen! So awesome.

Rich's Wondering Mind Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 10:24 PM

I'm floored by how spacious this small apartment seems! Interesting idea to have no couch, it works well. I'm guessing the light installation is in the foyer? Love it! Definitely deserving of more votes!

Samantha's Art Project Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 10:19 PM

Like the IKEA pieces, they're a must! Very charming small place.

Leah's Big Window Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 09:42 PM

Such a beautiful tiny home! So pretty.

Sara's Meaningful Pieces Small Cool Contest
4/9/12 10:32 PM

I love the colours in this house! Blue shades and woods look gorgeous together. Absolutely beautiful little place.

Audrey's Peace & Nature Small Cool Contest
4/7/12 07:07 PM