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You got my vote!!! Thanks for the inspiration and good luck!!!

Daniel's Amazing Bones Small Cool Contest
5/1/12 06:34 PM

Oh, I love that you used your picture rails!! I just ordered some for my place and can't wait to get them.

Love that Chinese inspired cabinet...nice place!

Rachael's Sealed Deal Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 03:18 PM

I was gonna ask the same it out in the hallway?

Jennifer's Efficient Haven Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 02:27 PM

OMG true though! I was thinking the same thing then got to your post and you said it...totally crackin' me up!

Ok, love the bold colors and the bathroom wallpaper! The window treatments are not my stye BUT I like the originality and that they somehow work here! Kudos :)

Jenika's Uninterrupted Flow Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 01:24 AM

I love that cubby wall and what you've done with it...very cute apartment! Good for you for having a nice space for you and your son (and for giving him a fun place to play)! I love that it looks like both of you live there!!

I like the decals on the fridge too :)

Kay's Fun & Functional Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 12:12 AM

I LOVE this! I do love pops of color but this is just fantastic...monochrome done right! But my favorite is the organization ~~SWOON~~ I love organization; boxes, baskets, and buckets oh my!! :)

Mel's Complete & Balanced Small Cool Contest
4/23/12 01:29 PM cool! I heart IKEA and I don't care what anybody says!!

IKEA Surprises All By Announcing UPPLEVA LCD HDTV
4/20/12 12:00 AM

What a nice and comfortable home...I LOVE the fact that it looks comfortably lived in, yet clean and inspiring. I love that I can see you have "things"...KUDOS!!

Julie's Vermeer-Worthy Apartment in Paris House Tour
4/19/12 10:16 PM

OMG...this is the neatest little house! Look at the little baby robe on the hook next to the stinkin' cute! I love everything about this space!!

Morag's Original Features Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 01:59 AM

I love your place...just as it is (or was)!

Jess' Charming Character Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 12:15 AM

I don't know how to describe it...but I love the dark mystique of it!

Brenda's Curiosity Shop Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 12:18 PM

That mirrored wall is FABULOUS!! Love the kitchen and general feel throughout! Very nice home :)

Jen's Calm & Quiet Home Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 12:15 PM

That view and wallpaper...YES, please!!

Rosalia's Amazing Simplicity Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 12:02 PM

The kitchen floor is fab! Love the wood "Headboard"!

Gemma's Fits Just Perfectly Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 11:56 AM

I favorited and score jumped by four points! I must be special haha or maybe you are :)

Medo's Boutique Hotel Style Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 11:39 AM

Love the glossy surfaces, the floors and that bathroom is THE bizness!! Love the color palette too :) Job very well done!

Medo's Boutique Hotel Style Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 11:38 AM

Very the juxtaposition of the furniture! AH...the shelving!

Christina's Cooking Lover's Studio Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 11:31 AM

So creative! I never really liked plywood before is cool looking here!! Love the eco friendliness...kudos!

Aaron's Opportunity to Experiment Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 11:16 AM

Love the cofee table and that sweet little foot stool! Also love all the shelving! Very nice apt :)

Liz's First Love Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 11:11 AM

So pretty, looks museum those windows!

Fran's Beautiful Structure Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 11:06 AM