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The mirrored bedside tables are gorgeous -- where are they from?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Austin House Tour: Kelly's Modern 5-Star Green Home
7/15/08 04:07 PM

As a DC resident, I certainly appreciate the MLK library's pedigree a bit more. Alas, it is quite a dump. It would take some major resources to beautify it. Also, practically speaking, the donut structure of the building -- rooms around the edge, nothing in the center -- rather limits how many books can be stored there.

Apartment Therapy New York | Modern Rebel: MLK Jr. Memorial LibraryWashington DC
5/31/08 02:41 AM

As a DC resident, I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. I'm definitely going to take the tour -- thanks for a great recommendation and a wonderful post! Best kept secret indeed!

Apartment Therapy New York | AT DC: The Department of State Diplomatic Reception Rooms
5/6/08 02:03 PM

Agree about the commas, but a great house tour choice. I live in DC, and so many places feel like dorm rooms with awful w2w cream carpet (especially popular in the many large apartment complexes in the nearby suburbs). This place feels fresh and creative.

Apartment Therapy New York | DC House Tour: Helen Makes it Easy Being Green!
4/8/08 03:10 PM

Yea Ruff & Ready! I've gotten a few awesome pieces there, but it is truly claustrophobic. You've gotta prepare yourself for those tiny, tiny aisles.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT DC: Ruff Ready Furnishings - I’d Like to Buy an Owl, Please, Vanna
3/28/08 02:35 PM

I love these -- so elegant.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Gallery Laurie Reid
3/13/08 11:14 AM