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Thumbs up to your mini mansion! It reads as big as a house. Great use of space and very creative, eclectic design. Thank you for sharing.

Leslie and Jake's \"Street Cred Granny\" Style in LA House Tour
6/12/14 01:05 PM

Some of my best memories come from various trips to New Orleans starting with my honeymoon. I totally get Emily's draw to move there and live there. The uptown home they found is just lovely! It has that southern charm seen in those uptown neighborhoods. These rooms are vibrant and captivating because of the liberal use of COLOR!!! The rich color palette takes guts and a good "eye" to pull it together, but when it's done right it is truly wonderful. Pure eye candy! This home has that "Joie de Vivre" that a few know how to achieve. The art and various accessories throughout pay homage to the City but it still feels like a lived-in, light-filled and gracious family home. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful home with us and enjoy living in the crescent city. I'm looking forward to visiting again soon. :-)

Emily & Andrew's Colorful New Orleans Home House Tour
4/28/14 11:05 AM

So suffused with natural, clear light and oozing with that California cool vibe! It seems like effortless style reigns here.Not my style but yet I love it. I have to agree with the repetitive pictures but otherwise a very enjoyable tour. As always to the owners, thank you for sharing.

Hope and Pete's Bohemian Modern Abode House Tour
4/8/14 11:31 AM

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR CAT!!! OMG he's so gorgeous! Your most beautiful accessory for sure. I also love your sense of humor. You must be a really fun guy to hang out with. Too bad you are in Portland and I'm in Miami, otherwise I'd hunt you down just to meet your cat and be entertained by you.

Mike's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
4/2/14 05:50 PM

Lovely! I love stores like this one with such a nostalgic feel. I haven't been to Newport in several years but this is on my bucket list if I go back.

Farmaesthetics' Stylish Apothecary Workspace Tour
3/31/14 01:33 PM

I find it so rude to have someone open their homes for others to view and then read the rant and harsh comments they have to endure. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. Silence sometimes speaks louder than words. You don't have to look at it, skip the tour if it's so unpleasant to you. Personal style and taste is subjective. What may look like a "staged" boutique to you is somebody's home with their own aesthetics and personal style. AT is an open forum for all styles and while it's okay to comment and be objective it's not okay to insult the homeowner who has exposed their most personal space. I sometimes read the comments and I'm so embarrassed by the rudeness. That said, I think it's lovely. I like the crisp whites, calming palette and the curated feel with the emphasis on attachment to personal objects. The vignettes are a testament to the owner's eye for composition and beauty. I do agree with the comments about not showing the kitchen or bathroom because I would have definitely loved seeing them. It would have been interesting to see how she made the space cohesive in those areas not shown on the tour. I loved the beautiful area rug in the dining room. Your home is lovely and thank you for sharing.

Pomona's Boutique-Style Space House Tour
3/28/14 01:43 PM

Quintessentially Georgetown! Elegant, classic with a subtle lived-in look. It's sophisticated, serene and lovely. This is a good example of a clean, unfussy traditional aesthetic that feels tailored and welcoming at the same time. Not your usual AT tour but I am so glad that every once in a while we get treated to a home that is beautifully curated and oozing with classic style. Thank you for sharing.

Eileen's Elegant & Airy Townhouse House Tour
3/27/14 01:38 PM

The apartment is composed and not matchy, matchy and a departure from the usual MCM (yawn!) It's charming and has personality. It has a sentimental quality. Thanks for sharing.

HGTV Star Danielle Colding Layers Generations of Influence House Tour
3/17/14 11:31 AM

Really like what they've done in their space. Great light space.

Thayer's Modern Beachy Apartment House Tour
3/13/14 01:02 PM


Thayer's Modern Beachy Apartment House Tour
3/13/14 01:01 PM

Wow! This is stunning!! I too would love to see more pictures as this is pure eye candy!
This is not your typical AT tour this is so much better!!! Let me say that these rooms are vibrant and captivating. They are rich in beautiful colors, textures and a fabulous collection of assorted furniture pieces, art and accessories. Very well curated! Very well done! They are creative, inspiring and have exquisite discerning taste. Thank you so much for sharing and I wish we could all see more!

Cinda & Mark's House of Chic Contrasts House Tour
2/5/14 01:24 PM

Wow! **Sigh** love the craftsmanship, the finishes, the fact that it's in San Francisco... Well done!

Cow Hollow Home Gets a Pro Makeover House Tour
1/31/14 12:56 PM

Good use of color!

Mark's Comfortable Contemporary House Tour
1/30/14 01:34 PM

You can always tell when it's a professional's own home. This is stunning. It's been awhile since I've seen something in AT that really wows me. This does! I realize it's easier when there's money and the right contacts (i.e. Norman Foster colleagues!!) but when something is done right and is as beautiful as this it should be said without any digs or snide comments.
Enjoy your lovely home! Thank you for sharing.

Chloe's Stylish West London Home House Tour
1/20/14 11:42 AM

It's been a long while since I have seen a tour in AT that I liked enough to comment. If I have nothing nice to say then I don't say anything at all. But finally a tour that has mesmerized me again. This home is lovely! They had me at the front door--yellow! It is definitely the home of someone who possesses a creative spirit. It has a relaxed, elegant charm that is captivating. I loved the detailed millwork. Not only functional for the homeowner, but beautifully detailed. I loved the stenciled pattern on the kitchen floor. It looks like Cuban tiles. God is in the details and this proves it. The owner has a finely honed aesthetic that creates a lovely and welcoming environment. Beautifully done! Enjoy!

Jessica & Scott's East Coast Nest House Tour
12/17/13 06:23 PM

Good juxtaposition of old and new. They have great DIY skills! They have conceived a lovely, lived-in, semi-curated look that is charming. Thank you for sharing.

Sara & Becky's Collaborative Abode House Tour
9/5/13 01:55 PM

I'm not a fan of either style and yet I found Jackie executed the merging of the two styles perfectly. I am a HUGE fan of Austin and I am convinced this city has the coolest of everything but mostly the coolest people ever! Thank you for sharing.

Jackie's Southwestern Mid-Century Modern Mix House Tour
9/4/13 02:23 PM

Every time I read MCM in one of your tours I brace myself for the "same ol same ol" It's just so overdone. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this tour. It's simplicity and color palette are pleasing. The woven rugs are fabulous. The cat is their best "accessory." Thanks for sharing.

Marti & Jarrod's Graphic Modern Home House Tour
8/28/13 01:19 PM

Clean, modern and simple. Thanks for sharing.

Ara & Chris' Abbot Kinney Loft House Tour
8/23/13 05:43 PM

Very pretty! Thank you for sharing.

Deidre's Kismet Designer Digs House Tour
8/21/13 01:07 PM