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Is it just me, or do these units look awfully low to you too. I like them, but can't envision myself bending over them to prep for dinner. Maybe it's just the proportion of width to height that make them appear to be lower than standard counter height.

Alpes Inox Kitchens
4/27/07 04:26 PM

I admit it, I have a weakness for good furniture/design porn. So, I subscribe to Dwell and pour through the even more pornographic interior pubs.

Yes, Dwell evolved off message into slicker, more rarified spaces any number of times and periodically pulls back again. And the expert/editor camera-type review features are oddly misplaced and shallow. But you really can't disparage the publication for the advertising content it attracts and runs.

Dwell presumably has an attractive subscriber base of design junkies like me who probably have more in common with the readers of Veranda and HG than the editoral staff of Dwell would care to acknowledge away from their ad trade demographic sheet.

Dwell is just another commercially-driven publication. It's not another Whole Earth Catalog for a new generation. Give 'em a break. The spiffy appliance porn is just that.

A Worthy Read: Styling Dwell
4/14/07 05:37 AM