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Another tip about fire extinguishers is that the firefighting agent can settle at the bottom of the tank over time - once a year, turn them upside down and give the bottom a solid whack with a rubber mallet to re-suspend the firefighting agent.

It's Probably Time for a Replacement: 8 Easy-To-Forget-About Household Items
7/2/14 12:10 PM

I will never forget the wallpaper in my childhood bedroom. It had little kids playing on a jungle-themed jungle gym. They were creepy. ~shudder~

What Art Do You Remember from Your Childhood Bedroom?
3/21/14 11:28 AM

Love the MT Duckboy cards!

Lauren's Eclectic San Francisco Apartment House Tour
3/10/14 12:13 PM

The IKEA KVARTAL rail is a great idea. I have it on my sliding glass door and love it. Do the ceiling mount and have two sets of tracks that meet in the middle - so you walk once from each end of the windows to close in the middle.

Affordable Way to Cover Looong Wall of Windows? Good Questions
3/6/14 12:21 PM

I worked in a book store all through college and the people that would come in and say "I want this book but I don't remember the name or author, but it's blue" were our running joke. I guess the joke is now on me because when I added a new bookshelf to my living room, I organized them by color. I chose our favorite books and a few to match and I love the look. The rest of our books are downstairs and organized by topic/author. My best friend that worked at the bookstore with me got a pretty good laugh out of it when she noticed.

Really, It's Ok to Arrange Books By Color Slate
2/13/14 12:30 PM

Christmas ornaments - not your typical Santa or anything, but some small trinket that symbolizes the place we went or an activity that we did that we can put a string on to hang it. Then every year when we decorate the tree it becomes a fun time to tell stories from our trips. My mother and I started this when I was young and I'm continuing it with my kids. It makes for great memories.

Do You Have A Go-To Souvenir?
7/22/13 11:36 AM

Navy Blue!

What Color Should I Paint My Windsor Chairs? Good Questions
6/7/13 03:02 PM