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I'll side step the drama here and just say Jesse and Evan have phenomenal taste! Beautiful homes.

Singular Style: Inspirational House Tours from Men Living on Their Own
7/14/14 12:15 AM

Really nice space- the bedroom looks like it came out of a magazine!

Derona's Mini Duplex Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 09:34 AM

Great way to make the space look huge!!

Olivia's Earthquake Cottage Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 09:32 AM

Simple and lovely.

Anna's Perfect Fit Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 09:30 AM

Love this space. It's very calming and uncluttered.

Tamera's Cozy Home Small Cool Contest
5/23/14 09:46 AM

Beautiful! I too would love to see the rest of the home.

Layne & Rand's 1928 Bungalow House Call
1/6/14 11:21 PM

I would SO make room for this in my small apartment!!

Enter for a Chance to Win: Mercer Tufted Loveseat from Canvas Holiday Giveaway
12/19/13 11:26 AM

I get the Snow and Graham calendar every year- I have each month framed on the wall above my bed.

2014 Calendars: Graphic, Geometric and Gorgeous
12/16/13 01:15 PM

Love this. Thank you for sharing!

Sabreen & Terrence's Industrial Modern Loft House Tour
11/8/13 01:15 PM


Before & After: IKEA Lack Coffee Table to Upholstered Ottoman Ikea Hackers
11/8/13 01:06 PM

Can you place the sofa against the green wall (to the left) but leave a 2 ft space between the wall and the sofa? Then the sofa would be the correct proximity to the television, but you could see see the view.
Definitely stick to lighter wall colors! It'll open the place up.

How Do I Arrange Odd Living Room/Kitchen Layout? Good Questions
11/8/13 12:57 PM

I would paint the wall, and perhaps put up some simple shelves. That one picture above the TV looks unbalanced, but more than one picture would be too distracting. I'd also remove the framed photos and place them somewhere else. The plant looks nice though.

Should I Style Media Cabinet or Not? Good Questions
11/8/13 10:24 AM

Love*love*love this!!

Gregory and Jenny's Relaxed Hippie Bungalow House Tour
10/22/13 08:48 PM

LOVE the textures and pops of color. And that phone is TO DIE for.

Taylor's Sweet Little House House Tour
10/2/13 03:40 PM

I like the pillows, very playful! Plus they can be used to lounge on the floor, which my kids do often.

Before & After: Dull, Lifeless Space to Colorful Playroom
10/2/13 03:32 PM

Beautiful use of colors and patterns!! Love it.

Irina's \"Opposites Attract\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/17/13 03:36 PM

I absolutely love it. It's been trying to come back for a few years now.

Knots Landing: Modern Macrame
9/12/13 03:29 PM

I love that tapestry bedspread!

Sara & Becky's Collaborative Abode House Tour
9/5/13 01:08 PM

BEAUTIFUL bedroom. Very serene.

Allison Burke's Modern Mix House Tour
8/29/13 12:54 PM

Beatiful. I love everything about this. Looking at it gives me a warm, cozy feeling.
Cute kitty t-pee!

Megan's Revived & Renewed Small Cool Contest
5/15/13 01:56 PM