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I'm a total fan of food processor pie crust; I get super-flaky results but you have to be careful not to over-process. I use almost-frozen cubes of butter and pulse just until just coarse.

It's also important to not add too much water--you don' want paste! Start with the lowest amount called for (I usually start with 3T for a double crust) and add more water until the dough just comes together. I'm amazed how much the amt of water needed can vary depending on the weather and the flour, but if you start small and add more slowly, it's fine.

I would also recommend using Plugra or another high-fat butter if you're a beginner. It makes a really flaky crust and is easier to roll out than regular butter. The crust will brown a bit more, though, so you need to keep an eye on it and cover with foil if necessary.

How to Make a Pie from Start to Finish Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/10/13 02:13 PM

Don't agree with MissB on asking about food allergies or major dislikes. Host has an obligation to accomodate vegetarians and vegans if attending, but not everyone's food preferences.

If a guest has food allergies that are difficult to accomodate, he/she should let the host know privately.

And if you don't like some items being served, politely decline them as noted by others.

Which Table Manners Do You Think are "The Essentials"?
11/7/11 03:04 PM

Totally agree with Trixie about keeping your mouth closed and not talking with your mouth full; I'm shocked at how many people are oblivious to how unpleasant this is for others. And sit up straight, keep your elbows off the table, and put your napkin in your lap. Okay, I just channeled my mother....

Which Table Manners Do You Think are "The Essentials"?
11/7/11 02:31 PM