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I liked the format of this cure -- I didn't finish everything -- only completed 14/20 items. But that's 70%! So I'm figuring I just barely graduated. ;-)

The 20/20 Home Cure

11/16/10 06:12 PM

Check out Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. He found that blind taste tests show that wine glass shape has zero impact on taste, but the knowledge can enhance the experiment. So knowing you are drinking from a 'special' glass can cause you to perceive the wine as tasting better, but when this knowlege is removed, you can't tell the difference in wine taste between the 'special' and the regular glass. So have at it with the jelly jar as wine glass...

Here is a Wiki Book Outline for Predictably Irrational.

Best Wine Glasses 2010
11/1/10 04:14 PM

The problem with colored taper candles is that they spill colored candle wax... a table bump spilled red beeswax all over one of my special tablecloths. Fortunately the local speciality drycleaners was able to get the stains out, but it cost a lot. White candles at least spill white wax, which lessens the staining effect.

Working Colored Taper Candles
Eddie Ross

11/1/10 03:47 PM article on whether "green" cleaners are effective in eliminating various pathogens. (Answer, generally No.)

Day 5: Buy or Replenish One Eco Cleaner
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/23/10 05:34 AM

sometimes what i care about most is how well a cleaner kills pathogens in the environment without creating resistant strains of pathogens (so, i'm generally not in favor of anti-bacterial products unless the sole anti-bacterial agent is alcohol).

and, most 'green' cleaners do not do this kind of cleaning, but things like lysol, bleach, etc. do. for mold/mildew outbreaks, for preventing spread of athletes foot and similar fungal infections, for cold/flu season, for stomach virus, for pink eye outbreaks and the like, choose an effective cleaner.

i think bleach is the recommended cleaner for kitchen food safety (to clean cutting boards, clean after preparing poultry/pork, etc.)

but i bought some cute, nice smelling cleaner for all purpose cleaning for the cure:

Day 5: Buy or Replenish One Eco Cleaner
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/23/10 01:20 AM

Thanks! Will look at your Etsy shop too, I like the pillows also. :-)

Melanie's "The Chinoiserie Incident" Bedroom
10/22/10 02:36 AM

Where are the sheets from? I like the orange pattern.

Melanie's "The Chinoiserie Incident" Bedroom
10/21/10 12:59 AM

Very cute, and I'm happy to see some SD homes featured!

Andi's South Park Bungalow
House Tour

10/18/10 07:39 PM

I like the cool greys better -- I copied Benjamin Moore Cement Grey from another user b/c I liked how it looked in photos of their home:

Classic Gray Paint: Coastal Fog by Benjamin Moore

8/17/10 06:18 PM

My meetup advice -

1. If you are interested in having a meetup, pick a time and place, post it, and go, even if no one else signs up in advance. If you post a time and place, and do it now, you are more likely to get other ppl to come out (since it will give them confidence there is an event and someone will be there to meetup with them too.) I went to the AT meetup, and I never signed up on Meetup site (too lazy) and I think one other person wasn't signed up either.

2. Just b/c you sign up to organize a meetup this month, doesn't mean you have to do it forever, so don't hesitate if you are interested.

3. Put a sign or something on the table so ppl know it is the right place, can be small like just a 4x6 table card, but anything. I wasn't sure if the other 2 girls were for the meetup, or just having dinner, etc. We kind of eyed each other for awhile and then finally spoke up.

4. Finally, WAIT! At least 30 min. I was late, and it seems the other 2 ppl got there like 5 and maybe 10 min before me, so we were all late! The organizer wasn't there, and we wondered did the organizer come and leave before we got there? Never came? Who knows. So give ppl time to be late.

5. If you are unsure of conversation, bring pictures or laptop with pictures -- if conversation is short, it may give you something to fall back on. We didn't have any organized discussion topic, just talked, but it was very nice. The planned topics mentioned above sound very nice too! Either works.

Apartment Therapy Readers Gather Around the Country
July Meetups Everywhere

8/5/10 02:29 AM

WS Home is very expensive, agreed, and many things I would never get from them for that reason.

I don't really use the WS Home website to shop, and I don't plan on starting. I do look through their catalog (one of the few I get), and I have found a few things I really wanted that way.

As another commentor noted, I wouldn't buy something that expensive from a catalog without seeing it. For the items I saw in the catalog that I was interested in, I waited until I would be in the LA area to look at them in the store.

Result over the past few years: 1 console I bought, 1 desk I was too late (it was discontinued) but I would have bought it, and 1 dresser I passed b/c I wasn't happy with the construction for the price.

If the catalog is discontinued, I probably won't see their merchanidise, and be a lost customer, since I don't live near a store.

Williams Sonoma Home to Close Catalog
7/29/10 02:28 AM

And on a limited 'independent film budget' to boot!

From Moving In to Settled In…In One Week!
Loving Living Small

7/27/10 11:19 PM

How to full renovate and move into a Nashville loft in just 10 days:

From Moving In to Settled In…In One Week!
Loving Living Small

7/27/10 11:18 PM

Hi Rebecca, not sure why you are triggered by the mention that spending money helped you accomplish a fast move in. I did pick up it was within your budget. :-) No worries, I am not second guessing or criticising your decision.

I noticed spend some money was the #1 item on your list of tips to help you move in quickly on your blog. :-)

"1) Spend a little extra money to unload mountains of stress when packing and moving"

It seems like the previous comments that spending money was part of the solution were spot on. No problem there from me, just another decision to make as part of the process.

Some are budgeting just to make a move, and it is good to acknowledge that is sometimes the way it goes too.

From Moving In to Settled In…In One Week! Loving Living Small | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/27/10 09:16 PM

It does sound like spending money (movers, handyman, new furniture) was part of what it took to make this fast move in happen -- nothing wrong with that! It sounds like spending was within the available budget and achieved the desired outcome -- so, good choice.

Another bonus is having the landlord paint it! Nice! Not that many landlords allow tenants to specify the color scheme to be painted, and then paint it, too.

It's nice to know what it actually takes to have a fast move it -- and although spending didn't seem extravagant to the person who moved, not everyone has the extra $ to spend on movers, handyman, and new furniture, or a kind landlord to paint the property before move in.

From Moving In to Settled In…In One Week! Loving Living Small | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/27/10 08:35 PM

This will probably work for the longer term in the right environment with the right plants - like air plants if your climate isn't too dry, of slab mounted orchids. I doubt you can grow the lilies and other larger, flowering plants above, and force them to flower, in this type of environment. For the larger flowering plants, it will probably be successful only if fully grown & blooming plants are suspended for an event, like a party, or for as long as they last -- thinking of the installation like cut flowers/bouquet, which you know will die eventually. Also, think of the mess, trying to water, fertilize, and clean up debris from these plants.

String Gardens for Summer | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/12/10 04:15 PM

This would be a more interesting and stronger post if the prices for the pieces has been researched and included, rather than just listing them as Price on Request.

Knockout Outdoor Furniture: 10 Sources | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/25/10 10:36 PM

Thanks for this post -- I've been wanting to get a wall mounted vase for a friend, also for pet reasons. (Her cat eats flowers and knocks over the arrangements.) I've found the PB one, but $49 is more than I wanted to spend. The $24 Chiasso looks like a nice alternative, though. :-)

5 Favorite Wall Vases | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/17/10 06:59 PM

The comments in support of DIY are probably related to the article linked, which actually condemns DIY, rather than people confusing DIY with copying and selling for profit.

"Holly at Decor 8 wrote a brilliant article about how DIY isn't Duplicate It Yourself"

The linked article actually condemns DIY when you replicate a designers idea, even if done only for yourself... which I don't really agree with. The article seems to think you can be inspired by and do something different, but if you copy exactly, even if only for yourself and your own enjoyment, you are stealing from the original designer... or that was my take away from the article. (I don't exactly agree with this, but pretty sure this is what's prompting the DIY comments.)

Designed or Deceived? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/16/10 03:58 PM

Agreed - "original' above looks like Cole & Sons Birch wallpaper, replicated as a wall sticker. Is that "original"?

With little birds thrown in like Cavern Home Blackbird wallpaper.

And actually, I'm not that sure how much/if I object to the copied design aesthetic... Agree there may be issues to discuss, just this is not the wall decal to make a stand with since it so closely resembles the designs mentioned above.

Maybe the 'theived' copy was also inspired by these wall papers, and not the 'original' wall decal shown?

Designed or Deceived? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/15/10 10:01 PM