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As far as old paperwork goes that gets 'filed' for years, invest in a scanner! Or if you have one at your work, stay back for half an hour once a month and use it. If it's just paperwork, it doesn't have to be a state-of-the-art, all-singing-all-dancing scanner. You just have to be able to read it...assuming you ever really need to look at it again.

You might not be keen to go back through your old bank statements etc but if you pick a point in time and start from there, it only takes a few minutes per week and you can throw the paper out or shred it if it's sensitive. It also means you can keep a backup of it in a second place.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Storage Overload
11/26/08 07:42 PM

Any sort of ceramics work in the bathroom, like old plates, cups, saucers. Crockery loves humidity. It needs it to stop crazing. Plates can hang on walls or ceilings. You can use a teacup and saucer upside-down as a lampshade. An old gravy boat could be a water feature. And they come in all colours and shapes and there are some crazy antique ones.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Pretty Things in the Bathroom
3/13/08 12:00 AM