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Make These Tonight: Cucumber Gimlets
5/23/14 09:20 PM

Oh gosh, I'm going to be That Guy, but ...

Seaweeds are so, so very different! I can see how wakame would work. Konbu would probably be a good choice also.

But hijiki would probably not be a good choice, and nori would really, really not be a good choice.

Recipe: Vegan Fish Sauce
5/28/13 10:05 PM

My favorite way to make chili is ... get this ... with chili sauce. :)

Anything else just tastes like spicy soup.

How To Make a Very Good Chili Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
1/28/13 11:30 AM

... I guess the laptop trick is more of "how do you stay warm at night" ... sorry, following directions isn't my strong suit sometimes ;)

3 Tips For Getting Warm on Cold Mornings
1/25/13 03:12 PM

A modern bed warmer: when I go to bed, I shut my laptop and toss it between my covers while I brush my teeth.

#3 is the inverse of what I tell everyone when it's July in NC and everyone is dying: you have to just accept that you're going to be hot. Drink plenty of water, stop turning down your AC, and look forward to your next swim.

3 Tips For Getting Warm on Cold Mornings
1/25/13 03:11 PM

Fancy yogurt -- especially the single-serve Fage with the little side-cup of fruit or honey.

What's Your Secret Grocery Store Indulgence?
1/25/13 03:04 PM

My guideline is "how does this item make me feel"? If it makes me smile, I can find a place for it. If it makes me feel guilty, or if I'm only keeping it because I think I "should", out it goes.

Day 18: Weekend Chores: Flowers, Living Room, Empty Your Outbox Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/25/13 02:59 PM

DAT CLOCK. Anyone with me on this one?

Marie & Nick's Festive East Bay Ranch
House Tour

1/21/13 06:59 PM


4 Tips for Getting In & Out of IKEA Faster
1/21/13 06:26 PM

Best use of bookshelf: shelve books


The World's Most Popular Bookcase:
Best Uses of the IKEA Expedit

1/21/13 06:20 PM

Swiss buttercream has received positive reviews for its ability to withstand heat, PLUS it is delicious. The recipe I use came from Smitten Kitchen -- I took some to a May birthday party and had no complaints. PLUS, did I mention it is delicious.

What Is the Best Cake Frosting for a Party Outside in the Sun?Good Questions
5/23/12 05:36 PM

Wait, what? How can you make a margarita (even an ice cream sandwich version) without tequila?!

Chocolate Thin Mint Ice Cream & Margarita Ice Cream SandwichesDelicious Links
5/23/12 04:41 PM

You know, I have been contemplating the logistics of augmenting my freezer's ability with copious quantities of dry ice lately ...

Ooh, or what about a chest freezer??

DIY Boozy Popsicles! Just How Much Alcohol to Use?
5/23/12 04:40 PM

I agree with bee for brian, and everyone who says that it's not really a "transformation" if there's nothing left from the original (not even walls!)

Before & After: A Bold Kitchen Transformation
2/26/12 03:54 PM

whoops. Apparently microwave eggs have been done, and I shouldn't keep so many tabs open at once that it takes me two hours to finish writing a comment. ;p

Fast, Savory, and Satisfying Breakfasts for Busy Mornings?
Good Questions

12/1/11 11:05 PM

AGREED on breakfast burritos. My fave is to saute up some little cubes of sweet potato, then mix in some black beans. Scramble up a mess of eggs and stick everything together with shredded cheese. If you were feeling really fancy, you could add onions, peppers, mushrooms, chorizo ... (I'm kind of partial to the nice plain ones though, maybe with a little salsa for dipping.)

I make small ones (soft taco-size tortillas) but even if you are into giant real-burrito size breakfasts, five at a time shouldn't be too difficult.

Alternately, I recently found a small bowl at a pottery shop that was billed as being good for making microwave scrambled eggs. It's heavyish, about the same size as two hands cupped together, gently rounded, and works well, though it might be totally unnecessary. (Anyone else know anything about nuking eggs?)

Fast, Savory, and Satisfying Breakfasts for Busy Mornings?
Good Questions

12/1/11 10:53 PM

Wings are white meat, right? So the problem isn't so much the wing itself as the skin-to-meat ratio.

I don't mess around with whole chickenworths of parts unless I'm getting paid to do so, but would it be a giant, insurmountable pain in the butt to skin a few wings?

Heart-Healthy Recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wings?
Good Questions

11/29/11 07:53 PM

Almond-flavored candy cane cookies from the Betty Crocker cookbook.

There's also a recipe, iirc, that goes something like "combine a box of lemon cake mix and a tub of cool whip; bake" -- I remember these most distinctly from a year when we also did a lot of dusting with lemon-scented Pledge ...

Eggnog kringles are good for breakfast.

And there are tons of other good cookies (the King Arthur blackstrap spice crackles are a recent favorite) but those are the particularly Christmasy ones.

Holiday Cookie Platter: What Are Your Must-Have Cookies?
11/29/11 07:46 PM

Seriously, I am really curious about what kind of pans you people use that will warp at cookie-baking temperatures. I pretty much only have crappy pans from Target and I couldn't even imagine this being a problem.

Skillets, or anything exposed to direct heat, are a different matter, but seriously, we're not talking about dunking your cookware in an ice bath.

Cookie-Baking Tip: A Quick Way to Cool Hot Baking Sheets
11/29/11 07:35 PM

Artificial sweeteners, sugary yogurt, and bottled water send me into fits of rage.

Parmesan cheese on tomato sauce grosses me out. I think it tastes like barf.

No drinks with ice in them. Freezes my upper lip, whacks me in the nose, waters down the drink. (I am not a big fan of straws.)

Slices of pizza are usually eaten sideways, with the object being to end up with one bite of pizza with topping plus just enough crust to hold on to.

Ham sandwiches with mayo + horseradish on one side, mustard + brown sugar on the other.

Baked beans are best with ridgy potato chips crunched up in them (the greasier and saltier, the better.)

Pancake batter (milk + Bisquick) as a snack. Fizzy and delicious.

Anything with different colors (M&Ms, Skittles, and Lucky Charms marshmallows) is eaten until there is one of each color remaining. Then the whole rainbow is eaten together.

Butter goes with peanut butter. Always. While I am aware that many of my other habits are unusual, this is the one that's so ingrained that it really baffles me when people think it's weird.

Why Everyone Thinks I Eat My Pancakes Weird
11/29/11 07:24 PM