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there is something available in bombay too - a place for glass, plates, cups, saucers, spoons - and you can keep it right above the sink.

A Waterproof Drip-Dry Cabinet | Apartment Therapy New York
12/4/09 11:18 AM

i like these kind of jars - the cheapest i can go is -

buy a 2.50$ candle from one of those craft shops - burn them out - clean them up ( easy peasy ) and use them.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Apothecary Jars Storing Bath Products
3/7/09 01:18 PM

this is a staple of apartments in the surroundings of mumbai - mostly very small apartments who have a tiny kitchen and who cook regulary.

we had a smaller version which we kept over the sink - just like jchristinahuh mentions. we could stacks 6 glassses, 6 spoons, 6 plates and smaller shelf for saucers. and 3-4 s hooks. very efficient because the it takes only vertical space.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Flickr Find: Super Efficient Storage in a Mumbai Kitchen
1/26/09 08:15 PM

charming and stylish and warm

Apartment Therapy DC | House Call: lepapillonvert's Southern Charm Charleston, South Carolina
1/24/09 01:38 PM

the NYU main library has something to this effect -( but more brilliant ) in some kind of stone . and when one looks at the floor from the 2nd floor it is a kaledioscope of many different patterns

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How to Achieve this Tile Effect?
1/23/09 02:29 PM

this house is not even a remote representation of indian homes. it is only located in india. having said that from the eyes of another indian this is how i feel

the kitchen looks great, but it is not a "working kitchen".

the toilet - now that is plugging away from reality ! water problems in india is a common phenomenon - western toilets ain't work !

Accessories - amazing - great taste.

floor - fabulous - great for hot and humid climate.

the sink - looks like an old iron bucket - NOT practical - looks great.

LOOKS like a great PROP.. the architect has style - i will definitely call him for window design, a movie set. but he ain't realistic !

these indians are so called "sophisticated globe trotting kind" ( 0.0001% )of the population - london today, newyork tomorrow and india day before yesterday. not the ordinary middle class indians - not the usual target audience of AT.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Rajiv's Bangalore Wabi Sabi Bangalore
1/18/09 12:11 PM

peanut butter and jelly sandwich on 100% whole grain bread. - easy to make before one runs out the door. can eat walking or in the car or on the train..

a banana or two - gives instant energy. no make or bake.

trail mix - make your own. the whole foods section now sell no-package nuts, raisins, dried cranberries, figs, pumpkin name it and they have it. raw nuts cuts calories and has more benefits than toasted ones.

make your own fruit yogurt - rubber maid now sells different ounces of container. the night before fill half the container with fruits in seasons - berries of any kind is ideal but peaches work too. and fill the other half with yogurt and spoon in honey and mix it well. in the morning grab the container on your way out.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Looking For: Easy and Portable Breakfast Recipes
1/15/09 05:10 PM

for someone who is not used to eating with hands it will be odd. before the fork and the spoon came everybody ate with hands.
And if you must know when you eat with your hands you eat less, because you feel the food - it is not a foreign body getting inside your body. you eat with all your senses - touch (eating with hands ) smell (herbs, spices), visual (color ) etc etc.
if it is a soup you slurp it down.. one is supposed to enjoy food - not consider it foreign ( as if eating with a fork and a spoon)
the britishers came up with some kind of etiquette and every body seems to be following it.

And you should be washing your hands very well before you eat your food.

well...i can keep talking about it..

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Food with Evan Kleiman: When Do You Eat With Your Hands?#comments
11/4/08 06:28 AM

i have been saying this over and over. if i tell this to my "friends", they will say, i am "limited" and "penny pinching". so glad to know that like minded people are out there. i am so used to getting the "weird" look now that i have stopped going where the consumerists and guzzlers gather for a PARTY and make a BIG NOISE.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Mark Bittman on Minimizing Meat
10/20/08 11:15 AM

I grew up without a hot water pipe. So when we had to take a bath.. it was time to boil water. Good for us and the hair..the chemicals in the water would settle and there was pure damage to the hair nor the skin

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | No Hot Water? Now What?
9/16/08 09:36 AM

manhattan sky line and the hudson river

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: What's the View from Your Window?
9/15/08 01:28 PM

this design is "SO" copied. people in kerala use Oil bottles covered with Jute coir so that it does not slip from their hand.

greening does not happen with " buying more" green products,

but reducing consumption

consumerism in any form is barbarism

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Jute Cozy Carafe Glasses
9/15/08 09:58 AM

pick it up with a piece of semi-wet bread.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Cleaning Up Coffee Grinds
8/25/08 04:44 PM

i often get "looks" when 'friends' come home because i have a very decluttered home - i have art work etc, but it is very paired down - just the essentials. i love good things but the thought of that clamouring my small space makes me ask the question -

do i want it or need it.
so if it is need i'll buy otherwise thankfully i enjoy window shopping and leave it there. it is a discipline that i have learnt having to spend money on things that i need. there are always yard sales and shops , they are never going away, so i 'll put away the shopping for later.. and the later never comes because i forget what i want !!

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Are You Irrationally Attached to Your Stuff? The Economist, 6.9.08
8/24/08 11:54 PM

yes, i do in my balcony. nothing can beat the breeze on a cool night

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Would You Sleep Outside in a City? Washington DC
8/13/08 06:33 AM


..the floor - SIGH!

the floor, the wall, the white dishes, the plain glass, the ladder with books

and the paintings... OH ...MY GOD ..

and the ceilings..All so White and yet so colorful.. the rugs.. OH MY and the ART work... OH MY MY...

tomorrow i'll be in chinatown and will be looking out

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Karl's Bright White Live/Work LoftNew York#comments
8/6/08 08:56 AM

it is not about keeping the books that matter - but if you can apply one of these books that inspired you in your life, life will change.

Now I keep only books that I have not read and give away books and feel very liberated. - It didn't come easy with me.
I use to locate a book in any of the libraries, before I go and buy.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AT on... Keeping Books
7/4/08 03:42 AM

i am thinking asia means japan means small spaces = lots to learn and do and harness space.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT Los Angeles (Asia & Australia) Bloggers Search!#comments
6/24/08 12:00 PM

my grandfather made a similar portable grill around 75 years ago. The base was made of clay and the metal grill that holds the food was made of clay. Unportable cooking stoves were also made.

Price : ingenuity.
Eco friendly and sustainable to the earth.
Food : flavorful.

2 weekends ago i went to the famous grocery shop on 41st and 9th avenue. They made stuffed grapes in clay pots. So much better than all clad and alumninium and similar junk.

where do i buy clay cooking pots.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Eva Solo's Modern, Minimalist Grill Wins Design Awards
5/11/08 08:06 AM

My mother did everything by hand, until the grinder came. And for the pesto - nothing better than a stone mortar and pestle to add the flavor that a machine made one lacks.
Are earth methods - cooking in clay pots, grilling on fire ( not the fall electric thingy) tasty.
Isn't slow cooking flavorful than the microwaved one ?

Of course do we have the patience for it even if we had the time ?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Stand Mixer vs. Arm Muscle: Do You Mix by Hand?
4/29/08 03:51 PM