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Hey so I am a feedly convert and have flipboard as well but your stuff is breaking in my feeds because I sent your feeds to Google Reader via Feedburner which is also disabled. And when I search Feedly for an alternative feed it only shows a Feedburner link for your main feed.

3 Easy Steps: Switch Your Apartment Therapy RSS from Google Reader to Feedly
7/6/13 12:50 AM

Oh man I didn't realize that Metropolitan Home also doesn't publish anymore.

Top Pick for Shelter Magazine Subcription? Good Questions
2/4/13 11:44 AM

I have to admit that when you post it all I can think of is magazines like Domino, NEST, and Blueprint and even ReadyMade, which no longer exist. I'm thankful that AT is filling in the gap.

Top Pick for Shelter Magazine Subcription? Good Questions
2/4/13 11:43 AM

I will say that my attempt to use the Panasonic Steam Iron to steam curtains (as you would a portable steamer) was a FAIL. I think you still either need to use a large steamer, or take the darn things down and steam them and then press them.

Best Steam Irons 2013 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
1/23/13 09:17 PM

I have the Panasonic Steam Iron and completely agree with the above advice...once you go cordless you don't go back. And while I still use an ironing board when I need to iron a men's shirt, most of the time I use an ironing blanket thrown on our dining room table. Using a cordless iron + a blanket has made life in our too-small apartment much easier.

Best Steam Irons 2013 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
1/23/13 09:15 PM

For my tub, I pour some vinegar in first, then use a mixture of borax, baking soda and salt (could honestly probably leave out salt). It does a really good job of getting my bathtub clean.

I made a spay for our bathroom out of vinegar, water, handwashing dish soap (suppose you could use castile soap instead) and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. I've read that hydrogen peroxide is good if you want something that is more of a heavy duty disinfectant.

Switching to these two things has really helped me because other bathroom cleaners make it hard for me (as an asthmatic) to breathe. I can't stop coughing when we use something like Kaboom in our shower.

We use Bon Ami on our pots and have used it on the tub as well.

I love everything Method and use their spray on our countertops. We love their concentrated laundry detergent, dish soap and hand soap as well.

The toilet...that's a difficult one. The toilet bowl is where I'll break down and use bleach.

For declogging pipes, maybe try boiling water? And baking soda + vinegar?

DIY or Buy: Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaners
1/9/13 10:51 PM

You can actually use a coffee can and roll it around on the floor as well. And that's lighter than a mason jar. We used to do it when I was a kid. Dunno if this recipe is any good but if will give you the general idea:

Cool Idea! DIY Ice Cream Kit in a Jar
8/13/10 05:19 PM

Heidz, I also made Buche in French class! I don't recall it being that difficult. We made the buche in a sheet on a jelly roll pan, spread the sheet with buttercream frosting and then rolled it up, placing the seam side down.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Have You Ever Made a Bûche de Noël?
12/18/08 01:45 PM

I wrote a blog post about my memories from that day. At the time I was a student at NYU.

Apartment Therapy New York | Open Thread 665 New York
9/11/08 10:05 AM

Yay I love Capriole goat cheese! I buy it in Chicago at the Green City Market or at Pastoral.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Taste Escapes: Brown County and Bloomington, Indiana Chicago
8/18/08 07:03 AM

I wrap mine in wax paper too. I've been eating corn on the cob all week! :-)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Time-Saving Tip: Microwave Your Corn on the Cob
8/18/08 07:02 AM

Uh, I put my milk and my sugar in my mug before pouring the hot water in. Reason? Because then my sugar dissolves and my milk gets heated up and I don't have to waste a clean spoon stirring everything. To each his own.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Survey: When Do You Add Milk To Tea?
8/18/08 07:01 AM

I was hit by the storm too. I wasn't missing my laptop so much as my refrigerator (out for three or four days) and my A/C - thankfully back after a day. Now I am a girl who got by without A/C for years -- I finally broke down and bought a unit maybe a year ago. But on a hot, humid day where the air just isn't moving...of course I couldn't plug a fan in while the power was out either.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Do You Find it Hard to Get By Without?
8/12/08 09:36 AM

Doug Sohn aka Hot Doug picked me as a finalist in Time Out's Create Your Own Hot Doug's Hot Dog Contest! If I win, my hot dog, The Johnny Depp will be sold at Hot Doug's shop for a week. This is pretty much a Chicago foodie's dream come true. There are four finalists and the person who gets the most votes wins. The deadline for voting is the end of the day on Thursday July 24th.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Open Thread 162
7/22/08 06:55 AM

I love textiles!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Judy Ross' Seeds Pillow
6/26/08 12:39 PM

Faith, did you grow this from seed or from a seedling? I got tomato plants from the farmer's market and from Gethsemane this year. So far blossoms, but no fruit yet.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Look! Something's Happening On Our Tomato Plant
6/26/08 12:37 PM

Yay. I work across the street from Millennium Park but only recently thought about spending my lunch break there. I sat for about twenty minutes in the sun, with my feet hanging in the fountain in the Lurie Garden today. It was peaceful and definitely a good way of recharging midway through the work day.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Outdoor Living in Chicago: Millennium Park
6/24/08 07:24 PM

Many artists find ways to challenge us to think differently about things that have become utilitarian or the status quo.

Some artists concern themselves with political ideas or ideas about identity which have become too readily accepted.

But why not rethink personal and domestic spaces and everyday routines as well? I love the photo of the fridge that you posted above. It reminds me of old dutch still lifes with wild game, and of the eccentric Mrs. Havisham's preserved wedding cake in Dickens. It's crazy, in a wonderful way, to think that a fridge could serve as a vitrine or Victorian display case.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Quote: On the Refrigerator as Work of Art
6/9/08 10:27 AM

I was bummed to come back to my apartment on Monday after having been away for a day to discover that a couple of my plants were gone. (My plants are out on a sunny, communal balcony). Part of me wants to believe that it was a nasty bit of weather or a bird, but there wasn't any debris anywhere. One of the plants looks like it was clipped and the other looks likes it was dug up. The third is just totally gone. It makes me really sad. I'm going to try to replant with cloches, which should help if the culprit was a critter.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How Does Your Garden Grow? Send Us Photos
5/27/08 07:41 AM

This does not sound appetizing at all to me. SPAM is pretty gross, no matter what shape it's in.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Look! Spam Sushi!
5/27/08 07:37 AM