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We've had IKEA butcher block counters in our kitchen and the built in buffet/counter in our dining room for about 8 years. They are fantastic and I highly recommend them. I oil them about 3 or four times a year. It's fast and easy. We are not at all fussy with them, so they do have the inevitable marks from life, but that's fine with us. They are warm, natural, unpretentious, affordable and a renewable material.

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4/3/14 02:30 AM

If you mash up garbanzo beans (and a pinch of kelp powder) and use them in place of tuna in tuna salad sandwich---I promise you'll love it and not miss the tuna one bit. Post Punk Kitchen has a great little recipe for it.

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3/16/14 02:59 AM

When we started eating dinner tonight I realized all the veggies were from our garden.....even the sauce on our pizza (frozen from last year), the onions, garlic, and the entire salad--lettuce, spinach, broccoli, red beets. So lucky to live in Northern California.

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3/16/14 02:37 AM

Read the book, follow the instructions and then banish all fear. Just make up your mind not to be afraid. RELAX!

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2/5/14 02:23 AM


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2/2/14 03:11 AM

If you're afraid, how about just throwing a dish towel over it when it's on?

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9/24/13 10:44 PM

Love this set up. I just ordered it from Cabela's! Thanks for the tip and happy camping!

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6/5/13 05:12 PM

As a long time keeper of chickens please consider the following. Hens live far longer than they lay eggs. So you should consider what you will do with them when they stop laying. You will need to either butcher them or support them in old age with no egg production. Also flock dynamics are hard to understand--why they beat up on eachother. If you wish to keep your chickens docile, don't touch or handle them if at all possible, other than to doctor them--even as chicks--they are much less aggressive if not handled by humans.

Pros & Cons of Raising Backyard Chickens
4/17/13 04:32 PM

I made this tonight for dinner, as written. It was beautiful and delicious--and made a ton. Luckily my neighbor came over and took some home with him. The only thing I changed was----since it's not tomato season, I used some I froze last summer from my garden. Turned out GREAT. Thanks.

Recipe: Tomato, Broccoli & Mozzarella Pasta Casserole
3/3/13 01:26 AM

I'm 68 and have been cooking at home and at work for my adult life. I just had a crock of sauerkraut (made from 5 heads of cabbage I grew this winter) go completely south--full of mold. So I hear you. Keep on truckin'

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2/10/13 08:31 PM

I made this for dinner tonight and it was perfect. Even looked as pretty as the picture! I made a few minor changes--omitted millet (just don't like it) and used 1 cup of whole wheat flour instead of 3/4. Used 2 kinds of kale, chard, collards and spinach--all just picked from my garden. Taking what's left on a picnic tomorrow. Thanks so much for the great recipe. P.S. Used the back of a measuring cup to press in the crust and evened the top off with a rolling pin.

Recipe: Winter Greens & Gruyere Tart with a Cornmeal Millet Crust Recipes from The Kitchn
1/18/13 09:12 PM

I catered parties for 25 years, and feel stongly that your role as a guest is to enjoy yourself and help the other guests to enjoy themselves. Do not concern yourself with criticism or stressing about anything--just have fun and be happy.

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1/10/13 01:09 AM

I have a thermapen and it's so useful. Got it mostly for bread baking--but use it often---used it tonight to see if the tamales I steamed were done.

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6/18/12 09:58 PM

I would put a sofa facing the fireplace with two armchairs facing each other on each side of the sofa. Make the furniture COMFORTABLE, nothing too stiff. Some kind of table in the middle for coffee, feet, books would be great. I wouldn't worry about leaving much room to enter the dining room, as long as a person can walk through. Gorgeous place...keep it homey!

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12/15/11 12:09 AM

Lindsay...what a great space. I would use a wide, bold black/white or navy/white stripe.

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10/15/11 09:17 PM


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