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I concur, Cleogrrl, I believe I recently read that the costume designers on Mad Men use vodka to get the "vintage" smell out of the authentic clothing they use on the show. Good luck!

Remove Upholstery Smell without Damaging Fabric?
Good Questions

1/26/12 01:40 AM

So pretty! I made a square one by gluing the balls to themselves but this looks super easy! I would recommend plastic balls so you don't have to worry about it breaking....they actually have a great assortment at the dollar store, trust me.

Also, for the love of crafting, DO NOT USE HOT GLUE! It will not hold up outside in cold tempatures. I know this by personal experience, my wreath fell apart after being outside in the cold on an exterior door.

Use an amazingly strong glue that will hold forever and ever and ever :) Any suggestions on what glue that is?

DIY Ornament Wreath
Matt & Becky

11/30/11 12:01 PM

Why assume that they were stolen? I have outdated paint decks that I purchased or found at garage sales that I use. I also have a TON of chips collected in a drawer from the process of actually looking for paint colors.

How easy is it to use the chips from a paint color that you actually used on your walls for a color coordinated project? Just use the lighter and darker shades of your color and BOOM! instant appeal.

Add a Little Color: 18 Paint Chip Projects
10/5/11 02:32 PM

If you have a restoration company come in, they can set up an ozone machine (there is also a very green option as well). This process is used in places where there has been a fire and they need to rid the place of the smoke and soot smell (which gets into EVERYTHING) and neutralizes it. High end hotels utilize this process as well for fires and cigarette smole smell in their rooms as there are the people who inevitably smoke in their non smoking rooms.
This really is the only thing that will get rid of the smell entirely outside of replacing all porous surfaces.

How To Get Rid of Cigarette Odor?
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10/5/11 02:05 PM