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We used to have a once a year, "big" trash day. Trucks would trolls down the street slowly, their occupants often leaping at "good" finds before we made it back to the house. When we put out our old, peeling Formica table, two trucks swept in from opposite directions and I thought there might be a fight.
Now, we can put out several big things a week, so we declutter as necessary. I admit to putting things in the yard as trash that never should have gone to the landfill--uncomfortable patio furniture that we'd kept for a decade and was weather-worn, a basketball hoop and stand that remained in the box for 15 years--mostly because I knew they'd find a good home once someone saw them. I wasn't interested in the hassle of selling, and those items found good homes with people who needed a break and were thrilled with their "scores."

How Would You Look Lying in a Week's Worth of Your Trash? Gregg Segal's 7 Days of Garbage
7/12/14 01:24 PM

I'm sad that the post is two years old (why the sudden rehashes, AT?), but I enjoyed the muted wall color, the red accents in the kitchen, and my goodness, Lucy is adorable! She absolutely is related to my sister's childhood dog, and next to goldens, are the best dogs ever!

Carly & Chip's Resourceful & Refined Home House Tour
7/8/14 06:02 AM

Great kitchen and the bathroom is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Christina's Comfortable, Collected Austin Abode House Tour
7/8/14 05:55 AM

If I lived in Boston, this would be my dream home. Enough room for the pups, and I have kitchen counter envy. Gorgeous, friendly space.

Abby's Fabled South End Townhouse House Tour
7/8/14 05:50 AM

Oh--and you never would see the coffee-maker or toaster if my house was photographed. They are put away when not in use.

Crystal's Dramatic Home in San Francisco House Tour
7/7/14 09:57 PM

I love this place. I think the kitchen is beautiful and looks as though she cleaned for the tour. I think she is naturally neat--something I aspire to be but find challenging when life gets in the way. I also think she was more than gracious in responding to questions. Thank you for sharing!

Crystal's Dramatic Home in San Francisco House Tour
7/7/14 09:56 PM

For all the screaming some people on this site do about the fact that the residents of a home featured in a particular tour are nothing like them (have too much space, too much money, a style that's too different, or cleaned too much for the photos), I can see how the title could help the readers who only deign to like the abodes of ladies like themselves.
Now I'm wondering if there really have been ten homeowners with Bassett hounds from Wicker Park featured on the site.

Singular Style: Inspirational House Tours from Women Living On Their Own
7/5/14 07:55 PM

I just grilled nectarines with a little balsamic vinegar.

What Vegetarian Recipes Should I Serve at My July 4th BBQ? Good Questions
6/30/14 09:17 PM

I agree with Vacationland about the staining, but depending where you live, recaning is not always too expensive. My father found someone at the local farmers/flea market his dining chairs for $25 each last year.

Before & After: Maria's Cane Chairs Get Classy
6/3/14 07:19 PM

They've lived there for four years. How much longer would be adequate :). I think they are just particularly neat people who choose to showcase artwork as opposed to the desk full of clutter one could find in my kitchen right now.

Matilde & Gustavo's Arts District Apartment House Tour
5/16/14 08:40 PM

Love it!

Chris & Damian's Updated 1898 Echo Park Home House Tour
5/15/14 02:06 PM

I'm happy for all of you with seemingly normal , boring lives. I love the times when that occurs. But I also recognize that some people truly have stressful things happening in their lives, ones they might not be comfortable sharing with others, and they've fallen into the trap of checking their phones frequently.

I also recognize that some people can't cut the cord and are Snapchatting or posting everything to Instagram. They're normally the same people who make every conversation about themselves...what am I really missing by their inattentiveness? It's a flaw, like other things, and I need to make a choice as to whether or not to spend time with those people. I don't correct others on most perceived faults; why would I do so with cell phones?

5 Ways to Deal With Dinner Party Guests Who Won't Put Down Their Phones
5/13/14 06:26 AM

Important papers
Phone to call family and let them know we're okay

If we are starting over:
An open sunny space with a view of the yard and enough seating for our extended family, so the Amish made, honey oak table with leaves and chairs would make the cut. It was our first furniture purchase together.
My husband's grandmother's rocker.
A cartoon cat my parents had drawn with my initials when my they adopted me.
A sideboard from my great-grandmother.
My antique typewriters

Apparently I'm the sentimental type.

What Are the Most Indispensable Items In Your Home?
5/11/14 07:40 AM

Wow! This is a great transformation--I don't even like yellow and I love this piece.

Before & After: A Chic & Simple Tool Cart Transformation
5/3/14 10:22 AM

Happy birthday, Valentino! You are terribly lucky to play with a beautiful momma who loves you. Having all that free space to crawl and explore, and your toys and books within reach is baskets sounds like a great way to grow up.

Mikola and Randall's Modern and Airy Small Space House Tour
4/5/14 07:07 AM

I'm just shocked no one has commented on the choice of photos. The horrors of a toilet with the lid up...

Have to Pee? Airpnp Lets You Rent a Bathroom Design News
3/11/14 02:12 PM

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Ten Don't-Miss Classic Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime Tonight
3/4/14 11:06 AM

Love the touches of orange against the white, especially the lustreware bowl. Your bathroom is really fun, too. Great idea for the patio--I hope you get to put it back together soon!

Sarah & David's Modern and Sophisticated Brooklyn Home House Tour
2/20/14 08:16 PM

Golden retriever pup! Love those words, and seeing him in a happy, light-filled, cozy space makes me smile. Your floors are great--it seems like you've found a home.

Megan's Mid-C + Modern Mix in Denver House Tour
2/20/14 07:36 PM

Love the disco globes; they're great fun.

Brian's Mid-Century Home in Hollywood Dell House Tour
2/16/14 01:28 PM