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I say paint every other diamond on the glass light blue or some bright color. tho I agree with the idea of not painting if you can avoid it. maybe you can get some colored adhesive sheet? like a vynal wrap or something.

Help Me Fix Up This Old Lamp Find?
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1/13/12 03:55 AM

I buy my electronics at the thrift store and cram them in old milk crates when i move.

How Long Should You Keep Electronics and Appliance Packaging?
1/11/12 03:53 AM

this company sells a copy of the office version.

but there are plenty of people that make Herman miller copies, and you can probably find a good one for considerably cheaper than the real deal.

Where Can I Get These Chairs?
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11/23/11 04:48 AM

My Mom had a white one but sent it to the thrift store, she's regretted it ever since. Hold on to it!

What Would You Do with This Chair?
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11/23/11 01:52 AM

I love the George Mulhauser chair! great furniture is like steroids for a room.

Turtle's "Rodchenko Blue" Room
11/9/11 04:03 AM