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I agree with cstewart - we've lived several places and finally settled in the town my husband and I both grew up in, 10 minutes from both sets of parents, near extended family. That is priceless. We have a built-in support network, and our children have formed deep bonds with their grandparents, whom they see at least once-a-week. We regularly see aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Proximity to family became our #1 priority when we started a family of our own, and it absolutely makes this town (a small city in Upstate NY) the right place for us to be.

What Do You Look for in a Hometown?
4/17/13 11:34 AM

The B's are always favorites:

Also: crayons/big pad of paper, stickers, play food, anything that allows them to be a grown up (my daughter loves her broom/dustpan and small snow shovel).

Tell Us...the Best Gifts for Toddlers?
12/6/12 04:20 PM

Someone sent us a Honeybaked Ham meal when our daughter was born-- amazing! Also check out Zingermans and Edible Arrangements - both do healthy/yummy gift options. If you want to make something I think trail mix, granola bars, cookies (oatmeal cookies are awesome for breastfeeding moms), and anything that can be eaten one-handed would be appreciated. One last ideas: gift certificates for nearby takeout restaurants.

Ideas For Food to Mail to New Parents? Good Questions
11/21/12 09:43 AM

This magnet is hilarious and my toddler LOVES it -
We don't have many toys that talk and sing, but this one is great and would be a fun addition to your wall.

Fun Magnets for Kids? Good Questions
8/17/12 09:12 AM

We did a gender neutral aqua nursery (Behr's Tidal Pool, to be exact). Photos and details here:

It's a great soothing color, and we love spending time in this room with our baby (who turned out to be a girl!)

Making an Aqua Nursery Gender Neutral
Good Questions

10/4/11 09:35 PM