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Oh, definitely Franciscan apple dishes. I am lucky to have my mom alive and well, but I will always associate those dishes with eating at my childhood family dinner table.

Memory Lane: Do Designs Draw You Back?
11/13/12 09:51 PM

Originally I thought white eames shell chairs with metal eiffel base, but I think the Victoria ghost chair might work better. It would be a less stark contrast.

Dining Chair Suggestions for Inherited Carved Wood Table? Good Questions
10/26/12 01:26 AM

Love them all. My dad built me an INCREDIBLE playhouse in the mid-80's. It had a loft inside an an exterior deck and minitature pieces of wood furniture he built from scratch. I loved it so much!

Playing House: 20 Petite Houses to Inspire
6/9/12 12:50 PM

I have six authentic ones. The cost sucked, but I was able to get them in the exact color I wanted, so I don't regret it too much.

The Modern Mix: Shell Chairs in Traditional Settings
5/9/12 11:09 PM

Nah. I don't think it's visually interesting -- MAYBE the gummy bears are a little bit. Maybe. They're also delicious.

Kid's Room Wall Art Idea: Periodic Tables
3/29/12 10:16 AM

That garage photo is disturbing. I think you would need more than just some flimsy sliding doors to keep the air clean.

Unexpected Places to Fit a Home Office
3/21/12 03:31 PM

Man, this post made me have an emotional day.

Saying Farewell to a Home
3/13/12 08:31 PM

My parents are selling my childhood home this year to move up north and be closer to us. We moved in in 1992, when I was 9 years old. I moved out at age 19. I realized the other day that I lived in that house for exactly 10 years ( to the month!) and have now lived out of that house for almost as long. It makes me well up to think of them selling it. I think of all the "firsts" that happened there. I think of my brother passing away, and how I can remember every second and every detail of being in the guest room and hearing that news.

But then I remember that we can never have everything *just* as we want it to be. Something has to give. And for me, my parents are getting older, and I love them so very very much. Selling that wonderful house will be worth it, because that means we'll get to be closer -- having dinners together, running errands, playing with grandbabies -- and just living.

Saying Farewell to a Home
3/13/12 01:56 PM


I agree. Same with San Francisco. A couple years ago, my friend a fully remodeled 3 br, 2 ba in the Mission for less than $3000.

What's the Highest & Lowest Rent You'd Pay in Your City? Survey
3/13/12 12:54 PM

I want to add -- in addition to the peace of mind during natural disasters, renting a spacious apartment in a historic mansion was definitely fun. The mid-century place we bought is adorbs, but architecturally far less interesting than the large creepy 1908 basement, dramatic velvet-covered staircase, unpainted wood built-ins, etc. of the mansion. We could never afford to maintain something like that.

What Amazing Perks Do You Have as a Renter?
Reader Survey

3/13/12 12:41 PM

i'm not a renter anymore, but last year:

Oakland, 2 br, low 1700 high 2200

What's the Highest & Lowest Rent You'd Pay in Your City? Survey
3/13/12 11:50 AM

I am am owner now (SF bay area), but what I remember fondly about renting was just how carefree I was about repairs and natural disasters. Earthquakes? Bring 'em on. Cracks in the walls? FUGGEDABOUDIT.

Our house is 3 levels, in the hills, and we just experienced our first earthquake the other day. We were both immediately out of bed, and my husband spent the next hour trolling through the house looking for damages. And this was a teeny-size 4.3 quake.

What Amazing Perks Do You Have as a Renter?
Reader Survey

3/13/12 11:33 AM

I'll bet anything that at least one of these dudes owns a bicycle. But I don't see a bicycle. Or a vacuum cleaner.

All I Own: Photographs by Sannah Kvist
3/2/12 01:18 PM

Dunno if I buy this!

All I Own: Photographs by Sannah Kvist
3/2/12 01:11 PM

My parents have always had portraits of creepy little colonial people hanging around. Doesn't seem odd to me.

My aunt is an artist and did a self portrait back in the '60's that I hope hope hope I can have one day. It hangs in her living room and looks fabulous.

Fun or Faux Pas: Family Portraits at Home
2/22/12 04:23 PM


Loft Space Solution: Self Contained Bunks
2/16/12 01:45 PM

Looks really fantastic but, if I were living there, I would want lots more rugs!

Jonya & Brad's Modern A–Frame
House Tour

2/16/12 01:41 PM

the banana.

Jonya & Brad's Modern A–Frame
House Tour

2/16/12 01:40 PM

hot dad.

Coffee Break Awesome Video...and Homegrown Instruments For Family
2/4/12 01:51 PM

really pretty. thanks for not painting it white.

Before & After: Trash to Treasure Table in Just an Hour
Creatively Living

1/27/12 04:30 PM