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Funny posts, but of course the weirdest ones were the two people suggesting sleeping separately. Not to go into details that should be very patent, but 1.couples sleep together not because of "customs" but because they want to. Just the way the posts were phrased entail a whole lot of issues in that marriage. And 2.if you can't work out/compromise on a simple thing like SLEEPING together, exactly how are the rest of the compromises going to happen? This can be traumatic for your children, if any, and for the cohesiveness of your family. Sleeping together is not such a big riddle. Psychologically, it's more important than sex itself. I have done that only once and just a few months later I left that person.

I signed up just to say that. Carry on!

Sleeping Together for the First Time
10/3/11 10:55 PM