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these are super gorgeous. i love the color schemes - the black back drop makes the colors pop out that much more. LOVE it!

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10/3/11 07:51 PM

i agree with threeacres - hopefully you had it poly'ed! that way it will last much longer. no matter what, painted floors don't last as long as stained floors anyway so you take a change. BUT they are simply gorgeous + it looks great!

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Modern Jane Design

10/3/11 07:42 PM

this is a tough one - is it every where in the space? i can't guess what your budget may be but one option i tend to lean toward is finding a very inexpensive sisal + just cover up the faux wood floor completely. they can do sisal wall to wall but since you don't own the place you could just have them do a border at the wall to have clean edges so it's removeable. then you could layer your pretty rugs over it. + since you aren't installing it you could take it with you when you leave + have the rug store rework it to fit your new space.

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10/3/11 07:39 PM