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I'm so glad my resolution made the cut (I submitted #6)! I have tons and tons of books in my house that I haven't read, so I'm hoping this encourages me to read those books and also to do my part supporting local libraries. I do give myself an one out: if after reading the book, I still feel like I need to own it for future use, I can buy it.

10 Resolutions from Eco-Minded Readers
1/12/12 12:04 PM

I've resolved to only buy a book if I can't find it at a library/friend. I buy too many books that I only read once, and I'm hoping this will help me cut down on stuff I bring into my house and also help me to support my local libraries.

What's Your 2012 Resolution?
1/5/12 03:30 PM

I don't love it with this house, but I do love it. Very modern and a great way to incorporate a front garden near the house. Maybe a herb or salad garden even.

A Cor-Ten Entry Wall

1/3/12 12:13 PM

I echo the others--borrow less than the bank says you can afford. You do want to enjoy that house, right?!

Also, bargain for closing costs, appliances, and remodels when you can. Right now, unless you live somewhere unusual, the market is pretty bad and you can bargain for most of what you want (within reason).

We bought our house 2 years ago and were able to bargain for some external repairs, all appliances, including a huge deep freezer, that year's termite-bond fee, and $1500 for additional repairs to be spent however we wanted (we converted the fuse box to a breaker box and saved the rest for a kitchen repair we'll do when we redo that room). A few years ago that wouldn't have been possible, but in a bad market, buyers can get a lot for their money!

What Advice Would You Give to First-Time Homebuyers?
10/3/11 04:17 PM