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@ProjectRowhouse: It's not exactly "reinterpretation" if you merely copy an original design, though.

Popping Up All Over: Metal Stools in the Kitchen
10/14/11 08:54 AM

These are reproductions of the classic Tolix stool, made in Bourgundy, France. A small Tolix comes at around $180; a bar-stool-size one is around $250.

Popping Up All Over: Metal Stools in the Kitchen
10/14/11 08:53 AM

Black floors are just as much a maintenance nightmare as white floors — dust is essentially gray, and most people's hair is neither black nor white.

If you/your family's hair is not black, the best compromise is actually light or medium gray. It's far more forgiving. Glossiness doesn't really matter in terms of dust visibility, although floors should have some gloss to prevent wear.

Before & After: Floor from Worn Out to White & Bright
Modern Jane Design

10/4/11 07:06 AM

According to classic interior design theory (and I happen to agree with this particular wisdom), the sofa is in the wrong place. The sofa should always face the main entry point of the room. So it's the wrong way round. I would put the TV and media cabinet along the left-hand wall, and the sofa where the media cabinet is now.

Balance TV and Window in Living Room?
Good Questions

10/2/11 01:35 PM

This looks similar:

Where Can I Find This Bedding?
Good Questions

10/1/11 07:48 PM