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What a beautiful home! Love it. Looks like a fun home to relax and enjoy family and friends.

Shelley & Reed's Creative Cottage House Tour
5/30/12 08:38 PM

Gorgeous house. So much to see and it's a house with Personality. Love it! Also, the captions that went with the photos were wonderful. Hope AT continues this practice. The captions really help the viewer get a feel for the house and its layout. Gotta run...going to take a second look at this home.

Leah & Rich's Evolving Patina
House Tour

3/9/12 08:33 PM

Is that Wood? Wow! So nice to see unpainted furniture. You did a great job and I realize what a task it must have been to restore. Gorgeous!

Before & After: Rescuing a Vintage Dresser
Home Sweet Nest

1/23/12 08:46 PM

Eco-friendly products are great. However, I draw the line on using reusable wipes to clean certain germy areas such as the toilet seat, toilet rim, sink and tub. Personally, I don't want to put germ laden cloths in my washing machine even with bleach. Paper towels, Lysol wipes will continue to be a part of my future.

Does anyone else think there's a huge ick factor to putting those nasty rags in the washing machine?

Keeping Your Bathroom "Company Clean" In 5 Minutes A Day
1/23/12 08:35 PM

Gorgeous house. Favorite house tour thus far. I love that it looks like real people live here (meant as a compliment) and enjoy not the same overly designed rooms that I see most of the time on the Internet and in magazines. Kudos to you for making your house Your Home.

Tommy & Todd's Bohemian Chic Collection
House Tour

1/19/12 05:59 PM

I love your house! Did you paint the abstract art? I particularly like the multicolored painting in the second pic above.

Thank you for showcasing the house and ignore the ugly comments. Continuing doing what you're doing. Your home looks so comfortable and a fun place to visit.

AT thanks for sharing a house that is not the same repetitive style we see on a lot of blogs. Keep up the good work!

Johnelle & Brian's Rejuvenated Treasures Home
House Tour

10/10/11 03:14 PM

I love your house. The architecture is stunning and you complimented it well with appropriate room dressing. One of my favorites is your ceiling in the dining room.

AT, kudos for show a different kind of house than you normally do. I enjoy viewing many different decorating styles.

And for those who think it's necessary to make snarky comments, remember the old adage, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all." It's impossible for AT to showcase a home that will please 100% of it's readers and it's unnecessary to make mean spirited comments.

Terry & Lyndon's Pristine Palatial Parlor
House Tour

9/30/11 05:09 PM