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It looks like the original wood was birch or maple, two woods with very uneven stain absorbtion qualities, called blotching. Normally a wood conditioner is applied and wiped off the wood prior to staining to even out the absorbtion, but its not perfect. Dark stains like walnut are hard to do on light woods like birch or maple.

Though the walnut would have looked nice, the klien blue turns these nightstands into jewels. Great save on the play!

Before & After: Nightstand Nightmare No More
7/21/14 06:58 PM

Its a steal, co sidering that the median house price on Oahu is juuuust shy of $750,000 (three quarters of a million buck), and is much smaller than a simularly priced mainland home and usually with only 3 or less bedrooms and a tiny yard.

Got $24 Million? Get 200 Acres in Hawaii Design News
7/21/14 06:51 PM

I've got Mary's "Decorating on the Cheap" and I still use some of the ideas in it.

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1981
7/18/14 02:18 AM

Methinks I'll need to do the One Cup/Bow/Plate/Cutlery plan. I find it far too easy to use up all my dishes before I wash them, creating havoc around the small kitchen I have.

The Easiest Way to Do Fewer Dishes
7/17/14 09:11 PM

There was some controversy about the new logo as being NSFW

Airbnb Gets a Rebrand Design News
7/17/14 09:09 PM

Don't most state goverments have the same exercise? The famous Red Tape Runaround?

Maryland, Missouri Name Official State Exercises Design News
7/17/14 08:59 PM

Aside from all the great tension rod ideas, I like the cut back shelf on #13. It keeps you from overloading the shelf and lets you get things up and down that wouldn't normally fit.

15+ Uses for Tension Rods You've Never Thought Of
7/17/14 08:58 PM

The original article states that 75 million gallons of unused paint alone in the US. Its not because of the "boring" cans, but economies of scale. A quart of paint costs $23, while a gallon goes for $32. You need 1-1/2 quarts of paint. Which would you get: 2 quarts totalling $46 or a gallon at $32? And will a quart do the job or will you need more coats, buying more quarts?

Designer Wants to Make Half Empty Paint Cans Obsolete Design News
7/15/14 03:01 PM

An oft underused tool is the carpet rake. It looks and acts just like a rake, but only this time it's pulling up the matted loops of yarn in the carpet.

3 Tips for Refreshing Old Carpet Renters Solutions
7/15/14 01:54 AM

Hi, I'm Mike and I'm a bedtime procrastinator. For some strange reason I stay on my computer or tablet way past the time I should stop: looking for new news stories, playing Text Twist over and over. And I like getting a good nights sleep too! I think I need help.

Are You a Bedtime Procrastinator? Sleep More By Going to Bed Sooner!
7/15/14 01:50 AM

If you are not using it for drinks, you can always have another set of planters boxes with plants in the table.

My workbench has this baslet in a table feature, too. One basket holds tools I'm not actively using, the other two the scraps, wood shavings and such get pushed into, keeping my work surface clear of stuff.

DIY an Outdoor Table with a Built-in Hidden Cooler Remodelaholic
7/12/14 03:25 PM

Substitute any kind of informal gathering for playdate and you'll get the same answer from me: come on in! Just give me a 1/2 hour notice to hide the worst of the worst (mainly to clean out the litter box). My friends know that there is always something that's being assembled on the dining table, there will be DVD covers scattered by the TV. But they came over to be with me, not my apartment. Be the center of attention and they'll forget the rest.

To Playdate or Not To Playdate When Your House is a Mess?
7/1/14 04:07 AM

I like the lanterns! They look easy to make and very calming.

The zip tie light on the otherhand, look hideous.

6 DIY Project Ideas Using Leftover Tomato Cages
6/28/14 02:35 AM

Having size 12 feet, all I can think of is "ouch!" when my toes would hit the pallet.

It is a good design and has a nice rustic feel to it. The secret would be the careful selection of the pallet. Not only looks but what was shipped on it. There are sealants you can use to lock in any nasty stuff, but they will give it a glossier appearance.

Brilliant Budget Idea: The Pallet Desk Pecurliar Mee
6/25/14 11:33 PM

The wonderful thing about this transformation is that it still looks vintage, not modern. The colors look period a few decades later, and the color choice is spot on.

A way of sealing old odors is to apply shellac to the exposed wood. It's an excellent odor blocker for furniture. It really does stink sickly sweet on it's own when you put it on, but once it's solvent (denatured alcohol) is gone, nothing is left but a hard shell of shellac.

Before & After: An Old Dresser Gets a Refresh (In a New Room)
6/24/14 01:32 PM

Unless your house is really messier than your guests, they won't notice it. Some will nitpick, but that's their issue, not yours. In all cases, serve something nice to drink: they'll concentrate on you and not the house.

The Best (& Most Fun) Way to Make Your Guests Ignore Your Messy House Comment of the Day
6/23/14 06:58 PM

First thing I do when I get back from a trip is take a nice long shower! Then some food.

I've been through at least two airports, I haven't changed clothes in 12-18 hours, ate nothing but junk food, at best washed my hands and face.

I do NOT think about how my curb appeal is, nor do I worry about my interior. If I take a whiff and smell something bad, I know something died somewhere, like a gecko. I don't need to look which DIY projects are unfinished, I know them and I couldn't care less about them at that moment.

A rather useless post, akin to thinking what style of house you'll like to build while your present house burns to the ground.

Do These 3 Things the First 5 Minutes Home After a Trip
6/21/14 03:41 PM

Cool design and idea, but a little leery about putting in a power cord and not being able to see the outlet holes.

New Product Ups Your Outlet Output Design News
6/20/14 02:14 AM

I believe the proper term is "hardware cloth", not chicken wire. Chicken wire uses thin wires twisted together to form a hexagonal pattern. Hardware cloth is welded or soldered together to form a square rectangular grid. Much heavier, yet easier to work with. But wear leather gloves when cutting! Those wire ends are sharp and will bite!

Easy DIY Project: How to Make a Pocket Wall Planter Apartment Therapy Reader Project Tutorials
6/20/14 02:01 AM

I'm just moving into a new apartment and its just in time! It'll be my weeks of discontent! I can't do that, that won't fit, my ceiling is too low and I wish I had more windows!

But I look forward to it, seeing what others have done.

Psst...Small Cool is Coming This Week!
5/12/14 08:08 PM