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Meredith, Sadly the treehouse died a series of slow deaths from very windy storms that happen to occur quite often in the area. But it was built in an old oak with the same kind of forked/spread out branches. Dad built a platform around the base for the floor and then a simple railing (we were all old enough at the time that falling wasn't really a concern). The slide was the bright yellow plastic kind bought at a hardware store for building playground equipment and came off the front. Add a hose running down the top and you'll have happy kids in the summer!

Oh, and chores build character! We had horses, dogs and the occasional feral cat.

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10/4/11 09:50 PM

I've been reading AT for at least a year now and this tour inspired me to create an account and comment. I grew up in an old turn of the century farmhouse in Iowa not unlike this one in family-friendliness, coziness and charm (though lacking the fab brick, but including a really amazing treehouse with a slide!). I am emailing my mother the link to this tour as they are in the process of gathering ammunition for redoing their kitchen as we speak. As an adult product of such a childhood I just wanted to let you know how lucky your children are. They may not appreciate it as much now, but when they grow up and move away I can guarantee that they'll look back on their childhood with nothing but exceptionally fond memories and warm hearts. I still spend all year looking forward to the holidays back on the farm...

PS. I know exactly what you mean re heating/cooling. My guess (speaking from experience) is that your daughter's bedroom is an icebox in the winter (especially with that gorgeous but poorly insulating original wood floor)!

Meredith's Historic Farmhouse Dream
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9/29/11 05:32 PM