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YUCK. This belongs in a travel agency or tourist information center.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Orbit Spinning Bookshelf by BONALDO
11/10/08 08:00 AM


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Gallery: Jennifer M. Zahigian
11/10/08 03:05 AM

I think that hiding/comoflaging the inner workings of a system (another example being the built-into-the-floor heating systems common in modern and most u.s. homes) is given far too much time and effort. It is far more beautiful seeing the housing of a system within a system. This banksy(esque?) mural does certainly evoke a smile and feeling of whimsy, though I think the drainpipe is still beautiful as it is

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Drainpipe Art
11/10/08 03:02 AM

Very nice.

Yes that desk is divine! And the kakelugn! (The tile fireplace on the right hand side of the first pic) One day my dream home will also have at least one of those beauties!

The TV in the kitchen however, is far from appealing and I would have gone for a funkier style with the charteuse lamps over the kitchen island/bar

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Creating Depth With a Dark Back Wall
10/22/08 01:30 PM

Thank you madamelai!

Reading through the comments I was getting ready to write many points that you took up. I would gladly take a world overflowing with 'graffiti' as opposed to perverse advertising trying creating insatiable needs and rampant insecurities among the masses in a world which literally and figuratively can not afford it.

Sao Paulo has very recently made advertising in the city of illegal! Even storefront signs are restricted in size. Imagine the worlds fourth largest metropolis is free of the debris that the vast majority of us are so accustomed to that we more or less take it all for architectural details.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Stencil Graffiti in Savannah GA
10/22/08 10:27 AM

This is very much like my living room! Well, the color scheme (jewels and grey) at least... I have a vintage velvet emerald green sofa and armchair, another vintage velvet armchair in a lighter shade of green, and accents of grey, white, butter-cream and a touch of peach through out the room. The furniture style is a mix of many eras and feels light and fresh at the same time. High ceilings, crown-molding and large windows certainly help ensure this..

Though my floor is not as nice... herringbone parquett lies underneath the current flooring and as soon as my building goes co-op i'm unearthing them in all of their glory!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Color Combo: Jewel Tones Soft Grey
8/22/08 01:49 PM

please excuse my typos, writing of passion is to blame and i should have proofread

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Welcome Guests Who Smoke
8/4/08 02:08 PM


for all the comments citing respect for your fellow mans well-being as the number one gripe about smokers i think you all have a lot of nerve and extreme short-sightedness.

I don't know how any of you can seem to be oblivious to the fact if everyone on this planet were to live and consume like we in the west and ESPECIALLY the u.s. do it would take 10 planets earths resources to support the worlds population. Our living standards DENY the majority of the worlds population of what we in the west and, once again, ESPECIALLY the u.s. could ever consider a 'decent and healthy' living standard. Yes cutting back helps, but it sure as ...heck... will not make life 'healthier' for ALL. On top of that, on a grossly over-populated planet that keeps on growing, people insist on having children of 'their-own' to satisfy their greedy desires to procreate themselves. Paying taxes to the u.s. government fuels the greatest legitimised terrorist this planet has ever seen and the rest of the world has to suffer throught it.

Though you would sure as ...heck... never see me denying westerners, americans or people who choose to have their own children my friendship or turn them away from my home. Every person contributes to others well-being and ill-being in many, many ways and this smoking issue is barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating an unhealthy or un-livable environment for ones fellow man.

Now i'm off to my balcony to have a ciggarette

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Welcome Guests Who Smoke
8/4/08 02:07 PM

Thank you all for your tips/advice/comments!

The room it would be in (my living room) has gold crown molding and jewel toned velvet upholstered armchairs/sofa. I was giving the white paint idea thought because I still want the room to look fresh-fresh. Well, now this chandelier is sold anyway but I shall keep my eye out for another one and probably leave it as is, give it a thorough cleaning (as many of suggest) and keeps my walls, window treatments and frames light...

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: How Should I Paint This Chandelier?
7/31/08 12:56 AM

How lovely! Care to share their other favorites?

Apartment Therapy New York | AT in French Elle DécorationParis, France
7/17/08 06:50 AM

it could be pretty interesting to hang your own strings of beads or treasures from...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Chandelier Bulb by Kyouei Design
7/14/08 03:36 PM

The meaty texture of Krakow and the fact that city ages with dignity (not being plastered over or bulldozed for shiny new structures) makes it a rare and precious place to behold. It is practiacly untouched by 'cosmetic enhancement', though that is changing. New 'credit' banks are springing up everywhere and with them a slew of 'enhancements' as well. I just returned from living there for 4.5 months and seeing these pictures taken along my daily 'commute' make me very home-sick! And I'm not even from there...

The first picture is taken from the oldest street in Krakow, when the city was founded it was where the priests and oldest monks lived, it's straight across from the Wawel castle in picture 4.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: Krakow ColorsPoland
7/8/08 03:39 PM

I, like AT, like the scalloped detail too!

if what you want is a more modern or streamlined look, then my opinion is certainly to work on that fireplace instead. particularly the doors! And those handles on the cabinet doors...

But as for covering it up? it's already white like the actual bookcase so i don't know how you could make it blend in anymore... And hanging something that would cover it would look god-awful imho.

curious to see if anyone actually does come up with a great way to hide the detailing!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Covering Up this Scalloped Detail?
4/7/08 11:23 AM

useful tips,
but i want this piece of furniture!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Developing Your Own Entourage
3/28/08 02:30 PM

Yes, EMBRACE IT! In the most cases the look is classic, beautiful and embedded with history and personality!

Before moving into my current apartment (but after viewing it) the whole thing was re-modeled. This included removing the black and off white checker bathroom tile floor and claw foot tub and pedestal sink! Now i'm left with a starkly white bathroom and no tub..! I would do anything to have it back the way it was!

Furthermore they removed the 100 year old original interior doors and replaced them with paper-light modern doors made to replicate the look of turn-of-the-century doors!

i could cry

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Skip the Remodel: Embracing the Retro Bathroom
3/13/08 09:54 AM

in addition to prior comments,

space out your furniture a bit! pull it away from the walls and further away from eachother. I'm thinking mainly about your couches and table here. I see you don't have A LOT of room here, but usually pressing things too tightly together gives the impression of a more claustrophobic space than you are actually dealing with...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: How Do We Make Our Living Room Less Blah?
3/11/08 09:45 AM