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Does anyone else find the use of a homeless person in the "my account", "view cart" and "check out" pages of the Blue Q website to be a little disturbing? I was going to purchase a yellow thermos for my wife for her birthday - but didn't feel quite right buying from a company that makes light of homelessness, or poverty. The tone of the website, like their products are cheeky - but I could not, in good conscience, condone the use of a homeless woman pushing a cart as a joke.

I am not trying to imply that anyone SHOULD have a problem with this - only to draw your attention to it in case you are a person who feels a responsibility as a consumer. In case anyone else feels weird about this - I did send the company an email asking that they remove the image. I will post when the image has been removed.

Tea Time: Everything You Need for a Perfect Cup
9/29/11 02:36 PM