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Beautiful home ! So cozy and personal :)

Adir & Marcello's Worldly Retreat
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1/5/12 01:29 PM

I'm also very curious about the quilt. It's beautiful !

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1/5/12 01:26 PM

My husband and I typically eat at the bar and when we have friends over for dinner, it's funny to see that people tend to stand at the bar and eat. Informal dinner parties, I like it :)

Are Bars Between Kitchen/Living Room Useful?
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1/5/12 01:24 PM

This place is a dream. Beautiful :)

Perry & Lestat's Colorful Romanian Home
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10/27/11 01:19 PM

I'd buy it only if it was a reasonable price and you don't have carpeted floor (carpet+massive sectional = much too much fabric!). I'd also throw some interesting blue & magenta throw pillows on the big bad boy.

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9/28/11 06:52 PM

This is beautiful and puts me in a good mood. Also, my husband and I are moving to Wisconsin in a few months !

Monica's Turn of the Century Colorful Farmhouse
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9/28/11 03:30 PM

I've got a 2.5 year old English Bulldog who has a strict sleep schedule. Sleeps all night then jumps into bed at 7am after the husband leaves for work, stays in our bed til about 11am, then heads out back to lay in the sun for 30 mins. After this, he might plop next to me and snooze a bit more or he might be up for a walk.
He's super playful and gets huge spurts of energy which makes him look unreal since he's so lethargic most of the morning.

But just because they sleep a lot, don't adopt one if the house is usually empty. They are extremely affectionate and need a lot of attention. My Romeo is most happy when he's just lying by me, sleeping.

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9/28/11 02:40 PM