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@Holiday05; sadly, there wasn't a 'preview' button before submitting, and I didn't realize that the third section "If I am the Grand Prize Winner..." would show up posted. I thought it was just a question the editors would see, so yeah, looks like overkill on the word sentimental.

And then I mentioned it in a reply. Oops. Ah, well!

Thanks again everyone for checking it out - been lots of fun, since I didn't expect it to make it into the contest at all!

Rob's Flooded With Life Small Cool Contest
5/30/13 03:50 PM

To those above regarding the bed: yes, it's behind the shelves behind the dining table. Wish I could have posted a couple more pics.

@BonnieProjects: I agree completely; I didn't get to choose the title! I was thinking more "Rob's Mini City Cinema" or something, hehe.

Thanks for checking it out, everyone!

Rob's Flooded With Life Small Cool Contest
5/29/13 04:52 PM

You are so right - I was hoping no one would notice, haha. I actually put in a print shortly after taking this picture, but hopefully no one minds. That, and the sentimentally kept 2011 calendar~

Rob's Flooded With Life Small Cool Contest
5/29/13 02:50 PM

Oops, last post I had forgotten I'd posted before. Looks like I really like those clocks!

Brett's Good Bones
10/7/11 10:55 AM

Great place! Way to utilize the space in a clean, sleek way.

Can you tell me where you got the three pendulum wall clocks above your bed?

Brett's Good Bones
10/5/11 11:04 AM

Great place! Commenting in late here, but could you tell me where you got those 3 pendulum wall clocks?

Those are amazing, just like the whole place.

Brett's Good Bones
9/28/11 11:33 AM