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I've had two for a year. The one I use most often looks like a metal pan with built up grease on it and I can't get rid of it. I wash mine all the time with soapy water. What can I do to remove this? And why did it get this way?

How Do I Clean My New Silpat? Good Questions
2/17/14 09:23 PM

What about the vibration? I've wanted to watch a show/read/listen to an audiobook while on my treadmill, but there's so much vibration I'm afraid to even have it near my tablet. And mind you I don't even weigh 100lbs.

Work & Work Out: Tech Mounts for Exercise Equipment
8/22/13 01:08 AM

Thank you. I think we all need this. When downloading for Firefox I keep getting the error message: the add on could not be downloaded dues to a connection failure with addons.mozilla.org. Any troubleshooting? Thank you.

Bending Facebook to Your Needs, Whims and Preferences
9/27/11 06:18 PM