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The Peanuts Cook Book via Scholastic Book Club in grade one.

Lucy's Lemon Squares FTW.

What Was Your First Cookbook?
11/14/11 08:10 PM

Remember that Todd English "Boned, Rolled and Tied Turkey" recipe that everyone was trying 10 years ago? Although the turkey itself was very tasty, the amount of work required and the final look of the "Turkey Larva" made it a try-it-once-and-move-on recipe. However, the recipe's suggested Cranberry Compote is now part of our tradition:

Cranberry Sauce or Relish: What's Your Pleasure?
11/9/11 05:25 PM

When the first internet fridges came out, it was a "who the hell would use that?" response from me.

But three kids later, I now see that the fridge is the go to place for quick access to info, schedules, reminders, bills etc. albeit with papers stuck with magnets.

With our day to day data now in Google Apps' hands, an Android tablet magnetically attached to the fridge makes it easy for everyone to see what we're currently late for, what food we've run out of, and how many more days we have left to pay off the tablet.

Devices With Completely Unnecessary Wi-Fi
10/22/11 12:52 AM

Two very inexpensive ones that I have used recently and found perfect for couch control:

HP Mini Keyboard
Very small, not for large amounts of typing, but good for HTPC and occasional surfing. Has a unique touch controller for the mouse

Logitech K400
Slightly smaller than standard size with touchpad.

Wireless Keyboards For Your Uncluttered Media Center
10/11/11 04:35 PM

We have a similar antique radio at home and use it for a bit more than just audio. The layout is:

Top Shelf: Cable Modem, Router, External Drives, Powerbar

Bottom Shelf: Server, Powered Speakers

The server has MediaMonkey for audio playback via the speakers. We control it by using MM's web-interface from any PC or mobile device on our network. The server has no keyboard, mouse or monitor as we use VNC to remote access the server. A USB extension cable is connected and handy (but hidden) so we don't have to move the radio to muck around in back.

Nice and neat - there is only the powerbar cord and modem cable coming out the back.

One thing to note, depending on the equipment, you might have to use a fan to help keep everything running cool.

And as Tim did, I've kept the original radio "innards" for when I fall off the grid...

Radio Revamp: A New Sound for an Antique Philco Radio

9/27/11 04:02 PM