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I couldn't disagree more. It's really comfy in my opinion. Lovely too that its got armrests.

Portrait of the Making of a Classic Chair: Hans Wegner's Wishbone Inside Design: Amsterdam
11/10/12 04:28 PM

I'm underwhelmed too, especially being Danish having seen some amazing work spaces using incredible designs. The building looks very corporate and representing a style of architecture I'm personally not a fan of, nothing like a home, and the garden is the opposite, very informal with goals for the kids and the playhouse. Find it strange actually.

I've been fortunate to visit the Swedish embassy and that was incredible. They have a tennis court at the back of the garden, and it was rumoured that one of the presidents would come to play there as it was a very private. Bet there's a ton of great stories like these from all sorts of embassies around the world...

The Danish Ambassador's Garden Paradise My Great Outdoors
7/23/12 08:36 PM

Lovely but sadly the boho wins over minimal scandi which I'd normally prefer... Congrats on the baby - Julia you look amazing!

Julie & Jesper's Musical
Scandi-Canadian Nest House Tour

6/6/12 03:32 PM

Having had several bins that have broken and now the proud owner of a Vipp I can say the quality is so much better than any other bins on the market. Had it for two years and it is like new. My brother has one and has had it for more than 5, still like new. Long term perhaps not such a bad investment. Looks great of course (yup I get excited about a bin)

Win This Vipp 13 Pedal Bin from Vipp!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

12/1/11 01:17 PM

I wonder if there's advice for top matresses - it'd be great if someone could evaluate them as well...

Review: The Kluft Royal Sovereign "Concerto LS" Bed
A Year in Bed

11/21/11 04:12 PM