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I searched the world over for an extra large scratch pad for Pickles, a 30 pound big handsome orange tabby. The widest ones I found were 9 inches or 15 inches (Imperial).....not wide enough for Pickles to stretch out on and scratch. Found Brawnycat and am forever grateful. This is the tightest corrugated cardboard that is made...not the cheap kind that lasts only a few weeks or months. I have bought so many scratch pads in the past.....but I will not buy anymore EXCEPT from Brawnycat. I bought several of the padlets, in addition to the Big Baby Lounger for Pickles. I have given them as gifts to special cats in my life....and each padlet comes with the organic super duper catnip. This scratch lounger IS NOT JUST LIKE others except for the size. You'd have to buy 3 of the other brand and put them together to get the fantastic surface space that you get with Brawnycat. The special curved ends are pillows for Pickles and the other cats. Big Baby is 26 inches wide....and Big Baby Junior is 23 inches wide.....can't beat that with anything else on the market. You get what you pay for....and my money's on Brawncat!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! If you can't afford the beautiful handmade cedar scratch lounger......try one of the padlets next time you replace your old scratch pad. You won't be disappointed!!!!

Ultimate Cat Scratcher/Lounger by Andrew Lesko
Design Showcase 2011

9/25/11 09:17 PM