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You guys have come up with something quite brilliant. Like CityChick, I too, have also done enormous research on the subject of posture and more specifically working conditions posture and environment. There are plenty of people who "ASSume" that CTS is caused by or linked to elevated keyboards and wrist angles, however, the number of people who report feeling less pain after several hours of typing with an elevated keyboard is staggering. There were a couple studies done on this and 95% of people said they felt they could type longer when they elevated the back of their keyboard as opposed to having it flat. The same people were also tested with the keyboard elevated the opposite way and although they didn't complain about wrist pain they did report that their fingers became tired more quickly. The same study also monitored typo's and typing speed and almost every person was more efficient and accurate when the back of the keyboard was elevated. Honestly, if you think about it logically, elevating the front of the keyboard would require you to hold the weight of your arms and hands using your own strength or you would need a special table that had a hole cut out for the back of you keyboard so as to lower the back without raising the front.

On a whole different note, It's a proven fact that your laptop battery will last significantly longer when elevated even a quarter of an inch, because of how much less heat is has to absorb.

Good product guys

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