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I was trying to agree with Lazy_Lurker about how much I LOVE the Costco Greek yogurt, and instead I flagged her (him?) Sorry!!!!! I actually totally agree with you!

Blind Taste Testing Greek-Style Yogurt Brands: Which One Wins? New York Magazine
5/1/12 09:56 PM

Central Market (Westgate) in Austin, TX. Love the people, the produce, the fish, oh my god - the BULK DEPT... Love love love. Now that I am living in Baltimore I can only live with regret. Wegman's is fine, but generic compared to Central Market. I also miss the plain beige version of CM which is just the good ole' HEB. I really miss Austin!
The farmers markets are big in Baltimore and I am working on getting out there more often. The WORST place to shop ever is the Giant supermarket - I would literally rather stick a needle in my eye than shop there.

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/4/12 09:45 PM

The warm honey glow of this petite chair is completely heart warming. I love the care that has gone into salvaging such a sleek little design, and the thought of all the people that used it at another part of it's life. The strong graphic type is a great contrast, and I love the whimsy of the lightbulbs. This is a seat that I would enjoy quite a lot. Nice job!

Lightbulb Chair by Hopscotch Road
Design Showcase 2011

9/27/11 07:58 AM