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This post resonated with me! I am one of few who found the love of her life early, and who's values and dreams match up with his to perfection. It's because of this that 6 months ago, my Sailorman and I were able to purchase 12 acres of completely isolated (we own a valley and the hills surrounding our little valley) forest and marsh property - with a 700sq ft cabin built in 2007 to boot!

The land is hardly "useable" for farming or ranching, but we are full of aspirations and dreams of excavating a pond, building a second house, and a small orchard and garden in the corner.

We are pouring our hearts and souls into our little homestead, and so far, listening to "our" bullfrogs at night is all we need.


Lifestyle Switch: Going Head First into Homesteading
9/24/11 04:25 PM