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Another American living in Dublin here! Have just hosted my third Thanksgiving, and by now I have it down. But this reminds me of the first time, doing it in my friend's ill-equipped, old-fashioned kitchen with a stove that had only three working burners and an oven that had to have its door held closed with a hammer wedged in. It's always been well worth the effort though. My Irish friends love the party, I love the cooking, and I'd miss having the seasonal celebration.

Real Life at Home: Colleen's First Thanksgiving
11/28/11 04:56 AM

Two recipes from Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything come to mind: 1) Butter Almond Cake, which is amazing and goes with tons of sides (from fruit compote to chocolate ganache), and 2) Baked Custard, for which he gives lots of variations. I made Chocolate Baked Custards (in individual ramekins) for a coeliac friend last week and they were AMAZING and really really easy.

Easy, Everyday Desserts That Happen to Be Gluten-Free?
Good Questions

9/24/11 03:28 AM