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Did you get the duvet cover from Area Home? You would think a heather grey duvet cover would be a fairly common thing, but the only one I've ever been able to find is from Area Home, which are super pricey. Love the space.

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9/29/11 06:42 PM

Again, anyone have a lead on the sofa? Or one similar to it?

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9/29/11 06:25 PM

I came here to say what everyone else is saying. To address the tall ceilings, I would create "layers" almost. Paint the television wall, hang plants for the upper third, add shelves or pictures for the middle 3rd, and the television occupies the bottom third. Does that make sense?

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9/29/11 06:23 PM

I love that modular sofa. It looks much more comfortable than your typical Ikea modular sofa. Can I ask where it's from? I'm looking for something similar for a small space. Like a corner and armless chaise. Thanks in advance.

Margaret's Mix of Modern and Materials
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9/26/11 02:14 PM