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Welcome to Atlanta! If you have to be car-less, Midtown is pretty great. Marta is pretty convenient, and Piedmont Park and the Beltline also make walking between neighborhoods much nicer. Meetups are definitely fun in Atlanta, I ran one in the past and have attended several. I work on the edge of Midtown coordinating service activities for my church, and we have lots of people participate, not all of them church members or even attenders. All are walkable/Marta accessible or if not, I could always give you a ride. So if you ever want to work at a food pantry, help provide a meal at a shelter, or even just grab coffee, let me know at

Building Community: 5 Great Ways to
Meet Your Neighbors

8/28/13 10:52 PM

PS-It's not an irrational fear I have, as the very old house we bought is all cross-wired and amateur-rigged, another issue I am saving money to address. I once turned off the power to the whole kitchen and my dad almost got shocked cutting the power line to the unworking old dishwasher that was left here. It was wired into the power outlet for the spare bedroom on the other side of the wall. Ack.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Shayna's Project: Vanity Lamp Redo #2
3/9/08 06:39 PM

I think it is great. Not all of us can afford or know how to change out fixtures, or in my case, am very scared of potential electrocution. I have been waiting for months for my dad to come up for a visit to install my new bathroom light fixture which I can not afford to have installed because I spent all my money on buying our first house, painting most of the rooms, and putting in wood floors. While waiting, I have had to work hard to avoid looking at a brass version of the above fixture that was above our mirror when we moved in, and now have to avoid looking at the revealed innards of such fixture because a few months ago the thought of living with it one more day drove me to tear off all traces of the brass. I truly never thought of painting it the same color as the bathroom, and dearly wish I had seen this several months ago. As I suffer with an unintented "industrial" raw socket fixture, please accept my compliments on a creative temporary DIY solution. And ignore the unhelpful criticism.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Shayna's Project: Vanity Lamp Redo #2
3/9/08 06:36 PM