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Can't let this beautiful house pass without a comment. The gorgeous wood, the light filled
space, the beautiful light blue, the spare and elegant details add up to true luxury. Bravo!

A Peek Inside Alek's Tiny Project House House Call
2/5/14 09:10 PM

Oh, the Tatras are beautiful, evoking happy memories. It is heartwarming to know this couple is making a life there. A life worth living.

Woodland Wonderland: A Cottage in Poland Weranda Country
5/1/13 06:15 PM

Yes, Taureg. Time to move on.

Currently Coveting: Kantha Quilts
3/29/13 08:18 PM

allison, the first photo can indeed be found in Young House Love. Click the link and keep scrolling down.

Storage Solutions: Dressers in the Bathroom
3/19/13 08:59 PM

I'm with Ryan. Gratuitous use of letters makes the occupant seem juvenile. One exception might be If there's an interesting story behind it--such as in yesterday's tour using the W from an old family-owned business signage.

The Trend Continues: Letters in Decor
3/1/13 05:33 PM

Jill, what a beautiful balance of lightness and the more substantial. I would think your clients would be deeply satisfied with your understanding of what makes a space calm, livable, and interesting. As others have said, I particularly love those dining chairs, the rugs, the blue! the kilim bench, the eucalyptus in the blue vase, all containers and tables. Well done.

Vintage Finds in a Classic Co-op Professional Project
2/16/13 01:55 PM

the chairs are sure to show up on f*** your noguchi coffee table

Buy or DIY: Punchy Patchwork Seating
2/16/13 01:02 PM

Wow! You must feel a surge of happiness every time you look at them. Well done.

Before & After: Metal Lyon Stools Get a Fresh Powder Coat
2/12/13 01:27 PM

A note about bamboo: if you have chemical sensitivities or have concerns about indoor air quality, you may want to avoid the inexpensive bamboo sold at Lumber Liquidators. It contains urea formaldehyde. Research sources such as Teragren or Plyboo.

Bamboo, Cork, or Wood Flooring for (Future) Dog Owners? Good Questions
2/4/13 02:47 PM

This is so relaxing and beautiful.

Jayme's Row House RehabHouse Call
10/29/12 06:41 PM

Gorgeous color and texture.

Claudia's Cosmopolitan Co-op House Tour
10/25/12 02:28 PM

I've tried to watch her program, but---lots of grinning, lots of teeth.

New Fall Recipes from Giada DeLaurentiis Target Home
9/14/12 08:38 PM

I've had an 18 cu ft Fisher Paykel for several months. Bought it to replace a 10 yr old GE side by side with continuous ice maker/water dispenser problems and leaks. Highly desirable features include:
Bottom mount freezer/refrig food at eye level
"Active Smart" Energy Saver at 440kWh/year
EZ clean stainless requiring only dish washing liquid. It always looks good.
Sleek exterior with option of two handle types (I dislike the bulbous contour handles on most models in the US)
Although ice maker/water dispenser are available, I chose not to have them. This model is noise free.
Easy for one person to move.
All in all, it's just great. It was a special order from Lowe's. Around $1800.

Best Advice (and Brand Recommendations) for Downsizing to a New Refrigerator? Good Questions
8/6/12 11:43 PM

The dated kitchen is less a problem that the chaotic display of bottles, onions, packaged food, pitchers, cleaning supplies, plastic items, droopy kids' art. Save your money now and instead, spend your time thinking about how to introduce elements of calm and order into your house. Clear the countertops of about 90 %, buy a large colorful or neutral natural fiber rug, and find an attractive large tray or basket to prop up to cover the worst of the tile. Less is more.

Short Term Updates for Kitchen Being Reno-ed Next Year? Good Questions
5/14/12 10:14 AM

Had an ugly black side by side GE with ongoing icemaker and water dispenser problems. Spent hours looking online and in local stores for a sleek stainless without icemaker, water dispenser or the ubiquitous bulbous contour door handles. Trying to avoid the huge American refrigerator look. A Fisher Paykel 17.5 cubic ft RF 175 Active Smart EZKleen Stainless, ordered from Lowe's at around $1800, has made me very happy in the 2 months I've had it. Others in this price range have black or gray cabinets, but this has what is called a silver prepaint cabinet, a far more cohesive look. Also available with French doors, contour handles, ice makers and water dispenser for those who need those features. No finger prints on the EZKleen stainless so far and just soap and water to clean as needed. In fact, instructions specifically state not to use stainless steel cleaner. Wish it had a deli drawer, but that is a minor concern.

Refrigerator Buyer's Guide: Cold Considerations
5/2/12 11:32 AM

I went through the tour 3 times to savor the details. . .the qualities of the different woods, the diffused light, the effective use of color. The simplicity, lack of pretension or striving for effect, and the organic feel are a tonic to the senses.

Mark Maček's Modern, Warm & Woodsy
House Tour

4/26/12 12:45 PM

Lucy and Thomas: How beautiful. So pleasing to the eye and spirit.

Lucy & Thomas Say Goodbye to their Artful Family Home House Tour
4/12/12 04:46 PM

Enough with the "granny/grandmother" equals "unstylish" usage. Noguchi (1904-1988) and the mid-century modernists you reference would be puzzled by your, ahem, youthful naivete.

Round, Oval, Organic Coffee Tables: Not Your Grandma's Rectangle
2/10/12 01:08 PM

The very picture of happiness. The DR ceiling color is fabulous; the pink couch an object of desire; the window treatments quite beautiful--and I am a barebones minimalist in that regard. Bravo.

Jamison, Alec & Zion's "Elegant Circus" Home
House Tour

12/2/11 02:09 PM

Elegant. Spare. Room for actual living. A space for the eye to rest and reflect. Not trying too hard for an effect. Ahhhh.

Kathleen & Bradford's Heritage of Harmony Home
House Tour

10/13/11 11:21 AM