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My fiance recently moved to Canada for grad school. I was worried that I'd be living in my pj's, watching movies and eating popcorn and freezer pops for dinner, which I did once when he left for a weekend. However, I have been cooking dinner for myself, even using dry beans rather than canned for the first time ever, I've done dishes everyday, kept up with laundry and done a good job of putting my clothing away and not storing it on the floor, all things he usually took care of. I've also been taking care of things that we've put off for months. I'm hoping this motivation lasts and he doesn't come home to a frozen pizza eating girl who wears leggings all the time because she's too lazy to put on real pants and spends her evenings watching YouTube videos.

The Secret Habits of Suddenly Single People
9/21/11 04:58 PM