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Gorgeous. Beautiful blend of paint and natural wood.

Before & After: A Dixie Dresser Gets a Dramatic Upgrade
7/23/14 09:50 AM

Simple changes with lovely results. Great job!

Before & After: Big Box Store No More
7/18/14 11:18 AM

We have an ice maker in our current apartment, so the ice trays are collecting dust on a shelf in case we move again. Brilliant suggestion!

Smart Tip: Organize Your Junk Drawer With an Ice Cube Tray Get Organized
7/9/14 08:00 AM

Exquisite. Great eye!

Before & After: A Facebook Find Goes Floral
6/30/14 11:33 AM

Agree with JamieDGWood. I like spare when it has some style and personality, but this looks like the home of a college student who got a lot of random, secondhand furniture and hasn't decided how to decorate yet. That lovely family probably brings lots of cheer to the place, but on its own, it seems sad.

Ian & Martha's Tasteful and Sentimental Home House Tour
6/17/14 04:02 PM

Great save! Beautiful finish.

Before & After: A Shabby Dresser Gets Chic
5/13/14 05:39 PM

My mom’s style has always been eclectic. When I was a teenager, I favored a Bohemian look with a big brass bed, patched quilts and Indian batik wall hangings. The rest of my parents' ranch house featured popular fixtures of 1960s-70s style: Marimekko, macramé plant hangers, wood paneling, rustic antiques, a brown leather egg chair, and a bathroom covered in Mucha prints of half-nude women. They loved to decorate but they had limited means at the time. After they got their kids through college, they renovated the house into a surprisingly modern, light-filled sanctuary filled with art glass, sculpture and paintings by artist friends. The screened-in porch with the peeling green all-weather paint and the broken ping-pong table was converted to a gorgeous glassed-in family room. Tile and carpet were replaced by warm wood floors, and the dark 1950s-style fireplace brick was replaced with smooth, minimalist concrete. Many of the decorative treasures in my parents’ home come from travels abroad, where they’ve spent time exploring cultures or building houses with Habitat for Humanity. I adore their taste and style, and even though we've lived in different cities throughout my adult life, I find our likes and dislikes are almost always in sync. Guess I didn't see a need to rebel.

How Has Your Mother Influenced Your Style?
5/11/14 10:14 PM

Great vision. I would probably not have seen past the original look of it.

Before & After: A Heavy, Outdated Dining Table Turns Sleek and Modern
5/11/14 01:59 PM

As suggested, I never go into the middle aisles. All the good stuff is at the perimeter. Unfortunately, when my husband goes food shopping, he goes right to the center of the store.

How To Eat Well When You're Low on Cash Budget Living
5/6/14 02:25 PM

It's good placement but still has a bit of a hodgepodge feel to me. I might replace or paint the two sets of drawers with something lighter and (dare I say it?) matching so that the space doesn't feel so jammed.

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan and Solutions from Bethany Kay's Penthouse Studio
5/6/14 10:39 AM

I love, love, love seeing creative people finding clever ways to keep ugly furniture out of landfills. This is a wonderful transformation.

Before & After: From Beige Dresser to Faux Card Catalog Bookcase
4/27/14 11:41 AM

Agree with Geno B.

Before & After: Blue Dresser Gets a Deep Sea Treatment
4/23/14 09:05 AM

Beautiful transformation.

Before & After: A Bedroom Gets Finished With Fresh Paint and Flea Market Finds
4/20/14 03:33 PM

I love this makeover trend—so great to see furniture kept out of landfills. This was a lovely solution.

Before & After: A Cheery, Spring-Like Vintage Vanity Chair Rescue
4/19/14 04:31 PM

Foamcore dents really easily. I'd use a sturdier surface.

Before & After: An Entryway That Goes From Beige to Wow With a 3D Pattern
4/19/14 04:19 PM

So beautifully done! Full of character yet open, light and surprisingly spacious.

Jackie's Colorful Upper East Side Home House Tour
4/3/14 11:28 AM

He makes such great use of his space—spare and simple but with so much character. Charming.

James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/25/14 03:32 PM

I love the idea of using books as functional art.

Before & After: Cookbook Display Goes Front-Facing Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 11:07 AM

Beautiful job. A daring risk, and it paid off. Love the furnishing style, patterns and colors used throughout the room.

Before & After: A Faux Fireplace Gets One Inexpensive and Easy Update
3/13/14 11:46 AM

Huge difference, and so much better.

Before & After: A Cramped Kitchen Gets a Big Change
3/10/14 11:13 AM