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These came out great! I did a nut mix of hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts and omitted the fruit!

How To Make Crunchy Biscotti Cookies Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
12/11/13 01:04 AM

Spinach stirred into most soups is not only delicious, but very subtle as well...

Warming, Delicious Winter Recipes with Leafy Greens? Good Questions
11/26/13 03:16 PM

I love stewed prunes in yogurt -- very easy. I make single servings every day. The night before, in a small bowl, jar or other narrow container, cover 5 prunes in the juice from half a lime and a pinch of cinnamon. Then add enough water to cover the prunes. Refrigerate overnight. Add fruit and sauce to yogurt or enjoy by themselves! Deliciously tart and sweet!

What Are Some Ways to Enjoy Fruit During the Winter? Good Questions
11/6/13 10:54 AM

The momofuku milkbar cookbook has a killer recipe for kimchi and blue cheese croissants...

What Can I Make With Lots of Kimchi? Good Questions
9/26/13 12:28 PM

People swear by oatmeal cookies!

Can You Recommend Filling, Nutritious Snacks for a Breastfeeding Mom?Good Questions
5/25/12 04:35 PM

Distress it! Easy-peasy. Sand it, prime it, paint it green, then paint it white...then sand off to show wear...then go nuts with a chain! There are lots of easy distressing ideas online - check them out!

Take This Dresser from Fug to Fab? Good Questions
5/8/12 01:34 PM

Distress it! Easy-peasy. Sand it, prime it, paint it green, then paint it white...then sand off to show wear...thn go nuts with a chain! Here are lots of easy distressing ideas online - check hem out!

Take This Dresser from Fug to Fab? Good Questions
5/8/12 01:33 PM

I love Chobani! Especially the pineapple flavor!

Blind Taste Testing Greek-Style Yogurt Brands: Which One Wins? New York Magazine
5/5/12 02:11 AM

Mix with powdered sugar and melted butter and use as a glaze on banana nut bread..lads an amazing dynamic (especially if you replace the nuts with shredded coconut)!

What Can I Do With Key Lime Juice?Ingredient Questions
5/5/12 01:47 AM

Crunch them up and throw in chocolate chip cookies.

What Can I Do with Broken Tortilla Chips?Ingredient Questions
5/4/12 06:55 PM

Made these last night:


What Are Some Great Vegetarian Dinners That Don't Depend on Pasta?Good Questions
3/19/12 10:07 AM

When my grandfather couldn't stop losing weight and the doctors wanted him to maintain/gain weight, they advised that his caretakers give him 1-2 beers a night (not light beer, obvi). That obviously won't work if carbs (not pure sugar) are the issue...and obviously he shouldn't go overboard...but a beer with dinner is an easy way to add 120-200 calories to a meal...

Help Me Feed My Boyfriend High-Calorie Yet Healthy Food
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12/16/11 01:09 AM

I will vouch for the graham cracker recipe....sooo yummy. I like them best with raw sugar sprinkled on top (instead of cinnamon sugar).

Holiday Travel: 10 Delicious, Portable Snack Recipes
11/15/11 02:38 PM

I love this stuff...we bought it early this summer and it lasts amazing! Try it on popcorn too -- super yummy!

Pantry Must Have: Can You Guess What It Is?
10/22/11 07:20 PM

Maybe make some unique nut butter recipes like on this blog (scroll down to nut butters):

There's a huge variety there -- if you brought a few different types of bread/muffins it would provide a different meal each there are sweet and savory nut butters (for when you're tired of sweet). Maybe make a few kinds and then pack a couple servings to take with you?

Help! I Need Meal Ideas for a 4-Day Train Trip!
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9/19/11 09:10 PM