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Can I suggest someone design a bokashi bucket that is a thing of beauty?
Something like the bokashi version of a Brabantia bin?
And with an more 'snappy', one-handed lid... those "ice cream tub" lids are a pain.
Not that I am complaining, I love Bokashi, but just as I like the earth beautiful, I like my kitchen beautiful, and I want the bokashi bin to be the object of desire that it deserves to be.
Perhaps this could harness our natural acquisitive tendencies to do good instead of harm?
Sorry if I'm shallow, but surely it can't be a bad thing to harness my 21st century consumerist tendencies and turn them into something that helps, not harms the environment!?
I paid £60 for my pair of bokashi bins and and if I find a pair that are beautiful if a little more expensive, then I'll pass the old ones on and thus convert more people to bokashi... sound fair!?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Bokashi: Small Space Composting
3/9/08 12:04 PM