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Hi Everyone - Full House tour coming Oct. 18th, thank you so much for the lovely comments!

Box shelving - we needed to build a wall here for our son's room, so rather than drywall we wanted something unique that would act as an entryway/separation/piece of art - and we saw a lot of these freeform types of shelving units in Denmark (key inspiration) - so we asked our contractor to give us a custom designed set of bookshelves using white birch in the freeform box style. Quite easy/fun to do and inexpensive.

The Island - gosh, we actually made this using various Ikea bits and pieces, a wooden island that we stained, added wheels, then took the top off a dining table and attached it to the top of the island so we had a nice overhang - the bar stools are from London but I'm sure you can get them anywhere. The end chairs are leather and the side chairs are wood.

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